Quick question about Crucible

I had never played the Crucible (didn’t have DLC) until I bought the expansion. I finally got around to giving it a try and somehow I managed to win after a few attempts (needed those blessings to survive the Nemesis waves).

Anyways, when I beat it, I looked away from the screen for a second and when I looked back, it said I unlocked something but I can’t seem to find any information regarding what I unlocked. I spoke to the guy but he only gave me the option to raise the stakes and the wiki doesn’t seem to say what completing the Crucible grants you. Can someone fill me in?

You get chests when you finish it or die as solo.

Crucible has difficulties, similar to the normal game. If you get to wave 100, you unlock the next difficulty. Also beating 150 gives you the option to “make him do better” by adding a bonus spawn point (more mobs spawning in each wave).

Yeah, you probably unlocked the next difficulty tier. That happens at 100, not 150, though, so I’m not exactly sure what you would have unlocked after the final wave. There’s an achievement for obtaining a score of 10m or more, it might have been that.

My score was barely over 1 million. I don’t think I reached over 100 until I beat the wave because I was building up my tributes to get the blessings. I knew I wasn’t able to face two Nemesis at once and I didn’t know what wave they spawned on (but I read about higher waves spawning them), so I just bailed around wave 90 and started over.

I think I unlocked the next difficulty tier which I couldn’t find until I exited the game last night and saw that I could change the difficulty to Challenger.

Thanks for the information.