Quick question on attack speed

So I notice some items say 8% attack speed and others will say +8% attack speed.

Do they only stack if they have a + before them and the highest NON + is the base attack speed bonus?

Do ALL + speed bonuses stack if that is true?

What item lacks the +?

Yes, +% attack speed is additive.

you can look on your character sheet tab 2 and see the total % increase

I’m also a bit curious about something regarding attack speed. I’ve noticed that some items may say that they give i.e. 8% attack speed, when they actually will only give you i.e. 6%.

Same goes for certain abilities that increase attack speed. You may add a point to up i.e. total speed from 10% to 11%, but the stat never changes on your character sheet.

Thus, it seems there is some mathematical formula involved somewhere that doesn’t give you the full speed increase.

Could anyone clarify why this is?

That happens because it’s multiplied off the base attack speed of the weapon.

8% attack speed on items and skills will be modified by base speed of the weapon you’re using, if the weapon has low base speed (you can check this value on gracefuldusk : the higher the negative value the slower it become)

You can test this with bare hands (no weapons), you’ll see you got full % increase attack speed, the same thing apply to casting speed but casting speed doesn’t affect by weapons, you’ll always get full % casting speed increase. This is why it’s easy to reach 200% casting speed than attack speed.

Thanks for clarifying! Anyone know if you can have .5 increases of attack speed even if the UI doesn’t show it? Not sure if I get any benefit from having +1% attack speed when the UI doesn’t display it.