Quick question regarding Gunslinger


So I recently bought this game to play with a couple of friends, so yes I’m a noob. Anyway, I’ve been looking at builds, and I’ve decided on something along the lines of “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - The People’s Gunslinger” (I’m not allowed to post links…but paste that into google and it’s the first hit)

However, there’s one aspect of it that confuses me: How am I supposed to dual wield pistols? I know there are certain items that allow for it, but the guide doesn’t mention anything about it (unless I’m blind). So until I can get my hands on such an item, what’s the best approach here? Going with one pistol? Two-handed? Melee? Or just anything that gives high DPS?

His medal “Pyroclasms Mark” gives him the ability to use 2 guns.

I know, that’s not really what I asked though…

Just whatever you want to. If you wanna go ranged just got a 2h ranged weapon until you can dual wield pistols. If you want to I can just give you one of the relics that let you dual wield.

Alright, that makes sense I guess.

And thanks for the generous offer, but I don’t want to skip hurdles :smiley:

Sure thing, yeah it really comes down to DPS increase or what skills you are using to compliment the weapon choice. If you tell me your build I could be more exact to how you can min max before you can dual wield.

There are a few Relics which allow you to dual wield pistols. There are a few pieces of gear which also allow it. The problem is that if you are new, you have no access to these and no guaranty they will drop for you.

If you get the expansion, the Inquisitor class offers you the ability to use two pistols at level 2. It’s the top left skill in the skill tree.

There’s quite a few items out there that let you dual-wield pistols. The Gunslinger’s Jacket comes to mind and it drops all the time on a normal run through the game.

That being said, you shouldn’t worry about having a perfect build for the entire duration of the game. You can play a ranged Fire Strike character and use two-handed swords for the entirety of Normal/Veteran.

Besides, your first character is going to fail at some point (they always do) so just have fun learning the game and don’t focus so much on following build guides to the letter. Chances are, you’re not going to find half of the gear related to the build you’re playing.