Quick questions on Ember's Calling set bonuses

100% Cold Damage converted to fire damage to Veil of Shadow
Q1: This only applies to Night’s Chill damage, right?

-22% fire resistance to Veil of Shadow
Q2: Does it require a point in Night’s Chill to be effective? (Like Celestial presence is necessary to apply aether rr from Bonemonger on GoE)




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If I were you I would still put 1 point just in case or test in personally :wink:

I would but I don’t have the set yet, I’m just theorycrafting and am short on skill points.

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Veil of shadows has debuff so can add RR, hence night chill is not needed to apply it. Compared to guardians of empyrion main skill that has no debuff therefore you need their aura to apply RR

You can also add RR to VoS via the MI axes

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