R.I.P level 50 legendaries for full explorers?

I like to play this game exploring everything and doing everything before advancing, so I started a new toon when expansion came out and I’m level 66 in veteran now, going to the end of the expact I guess (I’m on Crown Hill)

I had ZERO legendary drops in all the expansion content till now
I believe when I go to Elite, I’m getting no more level 50 legendaries, am I?

Legendaries on normal/veteran are super rare. They do start dropping more regularly on elite and ultimate, along with a chance of getting one from the one-shot chests.

Guess Etram is the best way to get those lower level Legendary now (outside of some low level run in Crucible maybe?

I personnally still have double of a bunch of stuff that will probly never see trade value anymore and I’m trying to finish my Epic Collection so there is also hope to find the stuff you need to level (looking at you StoneFist Rebuke) from those kind of players like me trying to get everything in the games.

Also you can

That and they also drop with a level potentially way lower than yours. Lvl 50 legendaries still dropped in Ultimate at lvl 80+ in the base game so i guess it’s still the same here :wink:

They do?
well, it´s ok then :rolleyes:

Legendaries drop rate scales with difficulties, so move to Elite then Ultimate asap. You can trade rare materials with the blacksmith in Tyrant’s Hold for more legendaries.

They weren’t exactly common before, either. I got most of mine on Elite and from the Celestial Smith in Tyrant’s Hold.
But to answer your question, I still often found Level 50 Legendaries with a level 75 character too, so they can and will drop. Especially if say, you go back to do mid-level Elite dungeons with a level 85 characters.

I can confirm they do drop, although it’s super rare. I did the same as you, actually made a new char for the expansion, and full cleared every zone. Ended at almost 67(so you’re a bit higher than me it seems). Other than the purple I got from the act 4 final quest which is guaranteed, I got 2 others, one from an exalted chest somewhere in the expac and another I don’t remember where.

Got like 3 in act 1 and 2 in elite already though since I started and I’m rushing instead of full clearing, so yeah it’s just normal/veteran isn’t very good for them.

Running the Crucible with your character from the high-40s into the 60s will also help, as the experience gain isn’t fast enough to put you out of the level range before you get some good drops.

Also, I’m not sure if someone mentioned this already because reading an entire thread is for nerds, but moving to Elite after you kill the Act 4 boss will increase your chances as well, and then you can come back to Veteran after you’ve exceeded the ideal level range.