🧞‍♂️Racial damage reduction vs. global damage reduction?

Ok, I know the basics of damage reduction:
Say if I have Inquisitor with aura of censure and horn of gandarr, those will not stack since they both read “reduced target’s … damage by x%” and only the largest debuff will be applied.

But what about “y% less damage taken from” racials like on Word of renewal

will they stack additive or multiplicative with the “reduced target’s … damage by x%” debuff?

Interesting question,I am not sure of mechanic.

I suspect it stacks with global damage reduction additive.For example Infiltrator with Censure+Revenant take little damage from Reaper.

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I suspect it will work multiplicative :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s applied after global reduction. So, 15% (global) and 10% (racist) would be 100 -> 85 -> 76.5.

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The order is not important, it will give same result

You’re not important too. It will give the same result. :scorv:


For my illness the order is important: first HiV then AIDS :zantai:

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