Сraftsmen of Cairn

Please don’t forget :wink:

Good guide, hope you will add FG soon. Well later is fine too.

Finally I did it. :smiley:

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate much! :smiley:

Finally found time to update the guide after forum migration:

  • Fixes in text formatting
  • Actualized smiths info from Vanilla and AoM
  • Added data on smiths from FG


  • Figure out the root cause of images upload issue - have no idea why it doesn’t work
  • Figure out how to enable extended text formatting to make the guide more readable - color, size and etc.

What images upload issue? I see images just fine.

It didn’t work when I chose upload image from web (for example use this link https://images.vfl.ru/ii/1490625224/d0b51998/16622100_m.jpg to upload image). So I had to upload it from my PC. Good thing is I always keep backup of data used in guides. :slight_smile:

Probably need to ask Rhis to whitelist whatever site you’re trying to upload it from.

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