Raise the Dead and Conversion

Can the Raise the Dead skeletons be converted from one element to another?
While I really think the latest change to its damage type is a foreshadowing of the new mastery, I’m finding it pretty difficult to center a character around them.

Perhaps I can toy around with conversion.

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These two both are very different games. However, having some similarities. Interconversion of elements couldn’t be possible. I have googled it alot. Because your thought is quite different and interesting. But didn’t find anything yet. If i found, I’ll edit my post.

your question had me curious so I decided to do some testing.

Given that Blade spirit, thermite mine and mortar trap as use the same pet, but scales from player bonuses I could use Decree of Aldritch to test if the elemental to aether conversion on it would affect the mines and the answer is: No.

the aether damage effect did not trigger on the mines, so conversion does not affect skills of this type, even if you had Aether to X element or Vitality to X element.

You might want to check on something other than Thermite Mines to be sure. AFAIK, Blade Spirit is a pet that scales with player bonuses…Where as Mines are not pets at all, they are just remote manifestations of the player. Might be a merely thematic difference, but… Hard to be certain.

They are both player-scaled pets.

If you have to ‘summon’ something, it’s a pet regardless. Easiest way to tell is if there is a summon limit.

So the new alkamos rings (pierce–>cold) won’t work on the Nemesis relic summon either i assume?

Sadly no, because its the same skill function as all the others

From DevStream Twitch chat today…

Moderator Twitch Prime Zantai_GD : to whoever asked earlier about player pets scaling with conversion
Moderator Twitch Prime Zantai_GD : they do

Well, ok then.

I use Raise the Dead often, and TBH it’s not like it matters until they tweak player-scaling pets a bit more, especially scaling-wise. Their base damage is just too low, and it takes a staggering amount of +x% damage to make them competitive. Like one of my builds has ~1.5k% buffed vitality damage and they still only hit for like 2k+ damage total with all my buffs. Not too bad since you can have 5 of them up in large fights now thanks to recent changes, and they do make excellent roadblocks, but these guys used to be able to do 10k+ damage each back when they scaled with pet bonuses and could easily break 20k with temporary buffs.

Yeah, the damage on the skeletons looks unimpressive for sure. BUT… the Nemesis pet might be able to get some gain from conversion.

Then whoever tested and said no must have made a mistake, or there is a bug.

~700% pierce damage, ~1200% cold damage (bonuses from cunning/spirit about 250% on top of this).

I like this relic but the damage is still mediocre.

I was thinking about swapping Primal Instinct with that for my Winter King Build. What build are you using that with?

That’s on my deathmarked spellbreaker. In the past I used it for style points only, now it does some damage, but no doubt belgothians carnage is still a better choice.

I had actually gone back and tested this after Zantai said that and with thermite mines the interaction was odd to say the least, the mines damage would only occasionally trigger the aether damage effect while other times it would only show fire, so it does work to some extent but, it doesnt seem like a constant thing

Made a list of things that scale based on Player Damage bonuses, if someone wants to do some theorycrafting (might not be of much use, but you never know):

  • Mortar Trap (demolitionist)
  • Thermite Mines (demolitionist)
  • Nemesis (relic)
  • Raise the Dead (devotion)
  • Elemental Seeker (devotion)
  • Blade Spirit (nightblade)
  • Living Shadow (devotion)
  • Storm Shards (Light’s Defender set)
  • Agrivix’s Pact (Wrath of Agrivix set)
  • Wind Devils (Stormtrap epic)
  • Eye of Dreeg (Quillthrower of Dreeg legendary)
  • Gaze of Dreeg (Black Gem of Dreeg legendary)