Raise the Dead (Revenant's Proc) - add debuf aura

Raise the Dead proc from Revenant T2 constellation.

It needs work. The constellation has some good stuff but the proc is universally avoided in favor of most any other star.

I propose adding a 5-10 meter radius debuf aura eventually scaling to -15% reduced vit/aether resistance on the skeletons.

(It could be interesting if each skeleton contributed 5%RR stackable…in order to motivate procing as many skeletons as possible, but sadly I suspect that they would be considered same source and not stack. Motivating many skeletons would make this a higher priority for the main skill proc)

I think this is the easiest tweak that would give the proc some value and not require a complete rework of the proc.

I’ve been testing the proc recently and it seems very lackluster, especially for damage. Currently the skeletons:

-scale with player stats but the damage is very negligible.
-have a move speed debuf upon hit,

Atm I’m running a build with dual 170% vit pistols and +2000% vit bonus. It should be a nice hybrid fit for this = high chance to proc off the default attack and a large % bonus to skeleton damage.

And, with 18/20 currently and a fair bit of use from Roguelikes to Nemesis, I feel I can say:

  1. 3 of these skeletons have a hard time killing a malmoth dog or child. Against anything particularly hard, they are of little benefit. ~2k vit damage per swing (1apr) on my build.
  2. the speed debuf is mostly negligible: when stationary it doesn’t matter and when kiting, the skels pull after you unless you move very small amounts. I’ve never been able to see that speed decrease have a huge impact on any fast kite…and you would think it would. I’m guessing that it is mostly due to this pull effect and they don’t attack much.
  3. in big number fights, they engage rather unpredictably.

In effect, I have felt for a while that there is little point in using this proc; I have put it into action often and everywhere possible. I’ll play it out to 20/20 for completeness, though.

I totally agree, that last point is wasted, the skeletons are 99% useless. It pains me to say this, because I really want them to be worthwhile. But there is no noticeable difference whether they are up or not. Adding a RR aura would be neat, yet I have little hope left for that constellation.
Great nodes, but … :rolleyes:

I don’t agree with RR because then people would see it as a must-have for aether/vit builds. This reduces devotion build diversity.

When people complained about weak damage from seekers and arcane currents, Crate just added crit damage to them. Maybe they’ll just do the same for RtD.

Alright, I’ve maxed this and put it to proc on an autofire skill and alternatively a less frequent proc’ing secondary skill. Most any other proc set to the autofire was a more beneficial battle choice.

In most all cases Raise the Dead is an irrelevant proc. Occasionally the skeletons highlight a forgotten trash mob or in the rare case 3-5 of these can be used as a temporary block (doorway), but generally the AI has them running all over the place. Sometimes when they are running amok at screen range they can pull unwanted mobs too…but the was never significant.

On faster bosses they either die or don’t hit well.

Same conclusion: it needs to add some value to the player. Some boost to the actual character.

Edit: I should also add that this is more restricted for skill procs than the typical “on attack” proc. Some “attacks” such as CoF, Flashbang, Mortar, mines, etc are not applicable do to the conflicting pet-like nature of this proc. Which is not too bad, but ultimately restricts placement.

When people complained about weak damage from seekers and arcane currents, Crate just added crit damage to them. Maybe they’ll just do the same for RtD.

Adding crit damage to the skeletons themselves would be pointless.
-However, adding some bonus to the player, such as 5% crit per skeleton in play might be useful.

These skeletons need quite a lot more damage and probably more hitpoints as well, they’re rather fragile as it is.

Played around with the proc a bit, and the 10% proc chance is a joke.
You won´t bind it to a direct dmg skill like Cadence or Fire Strike, because the skeletons just plain suck. So you bind it on a passive skill proc. Now we have a chance to proc the passive skil, and off that the 10% proc chance of revenant.
Ergo: laughable chance to proc useless skeletons.


This devotion proc has been changed so many times, and ALL of the versions sucked really hard.
I hope the devs finally see that it needs a massive buff.