Random Question of the day - What're your favourite builds?

from mine - in no particular order:
Soulrend Reaper, as my very first build and the one I’ve spent the most time with;
Vitality FS Defiler - for suddenly working very good and being one of the best defilers ever made;
Spam DB Pyro - for fun gameplay and sturdiness;
Desolator Puri - for tankiness and strength;
2H Corba Trickster - for being still strong and being 1 of 2 my builds that can kill Ravager;
Blazerush Elementalist - for bringing an unpopular concept to life.

from others - @mad_lee’s Valdun and Sorcerer.

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This patch only

  1. ML’s Dark One conj
  2. jabrix’s Stormserpent vind
  3. Spanked Rancor bm
  4. Roman’s Ratosh binder
  5. jabrix’s Rimetongue inf
  6. Plasmo’s all his builds this patch (half-Octavius paladin, binder 2h melee, pierce Runebinder)
  7. Fluff’s greened-up SS spellbr
  8. Vali’s Yugol bm
  9. the BwC/EoR Infernal shieldbr (who made it?)
  10. ML’s superburn Infernal shieldbr

EDIT: just noticed 11. Nery’s Harra CT sp-breaker

EDIT2: just remembered 12. JS’s retal BwC commando and 13. ML’s acid retal archon


@plasmodermic did

I don’t have any specific builds in mind but I love any build with creative damage conversions or using underutilised conduit mods. I also have a soft spot for tri elemental damage.

I surprised that you guys like my wanky builds… :rofl:
Thanks for the appreciation!

My favorite build starting from mine:

  • Iskandra’s Elemental TSS Sorceress
  • Chillwhisper Witch Hunter
  • DW Chillheart Bonemonger Infiltrator
  • Stormserpent Lightning Caster Vindicator
  • Bonemonger Obliteration Mage Hunter
  • Rimetongue Blade Trapper Infiltrator

From others:

Yeah those are also good and creative.

Finally some recognition. :wink:

Though one. I’ll have to generalize a bit.

Shieldbreakers or anything with the following skills at it’s core

  • heart of Wrath
  • Shattering Smash
  • Vire (this is new, i’ve only recently come to really appreciate it beyond it’s mobility convenience)
  • Rata (more melee inclined - Hellborne gets a pass though)

…and Blademasters :slight_smile:

From others it’s even harder.

While I love end game sets for myself, from others, I’m always excited to see either an unexpected well thought out Lego build that somehow works really well or, even some meme build that challenges the imagination and reminds me to think outside the box once in a while.

Oh yes and since they are a minority in GD a shout out to Birbs :bird:

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@superfluff’s belgo BM. (not there yet… but…bang in and slice em!.. Wonderful!)

+1 here. Love that build @omnitrio !

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From mine:

  1. My Fire/Burn Sorc (just because it’s so tanky and versatile and fun to play. And it lived and changed thru so many patches now)

  2. My old TSS/PB Spellbreaker. Still an absolute thrill to play! 50% CDR is <3

  3. Nex and Ortus melee Shattered set Sabouter - not the most creative build but super flashy and pretty strong

  4. Melee Fire Strike Shieldbreaker - just because it’s such a strong melee build that works on a non-obvious class combo, and it took me quite a while to figure it out

  5. Demonslayer Dervish - because it’s an absolute DPS beast that refuses to die in Crucible and also has minimum amount of buttons and atypical devotion map

  6. Fire/Vitality Defiler. Because it’s a Fire + Vitality Defiler that is a top-tier build, duh

From others (in no particular order):

@John_Smith Physical 2H Arcon, because it’s a really strong and tanky 2h Physical build which is like extremely rare this days. Also full Ulzuin Shieldbreaker, not the least obvious build, but it’s so well polished and tanky and well-rounded, shows John’s prowess of a meticulous and thorough builder

@sir_spanksalot His OG Soulrend Spellbreaker. Not the prettiest build, but because it has so much history of Spanky becoming a full blown builder and a hardcore Crucible pilot. I also think it was one of the first if not the first Spellbreaker that utilized Iskandra’s amulet - something that is still relevant on Spellbreakers to this day.

@thejabrixone Piloted his Iskandra’s sorc and liked it a lot. Despite not looking like much on paper build really bangs. And it has all the speed and versatiliy of a super high CDR sorc which makes it almost immortal. And I might not remember all of his Bonemonger builds (because meh) but his latest Stormserpent Vindicator and Rimetongue Blade Trap Infiltrators are really cool

@Valinov One of the builders that I have learned a lot of tricks from. All that Bat on casters meta that you are seeing now everywhere, it was actually Valinov who gave me that advice looooong ago, back in Ashes of Malmouth when I was trying to make my Runebinder runes Vindicator work. I love his Wildblood Conjurer (first build that proved that Wildblood Vines are hella strong). I also remember his OG Nex and Ortus Infiltrator. It was the first melee build to succeed back in scarry and brutal AoM Crucible where no melee builds could hang

@x1x1x1x2 his Runic Bolts Tactician and his very old Bone Harvest Death’s Reach Cabalist which used Death’s Reach Scythe before I made my Ritualist (which has very similiar setup despite me never knowing about x1’s Cabalist when I was making it)

@Firozo Pierce Blade Arc Blademaster. Because it’s so unexpectedly strong.

@Dmt Canister bomb Ritualist. Because it’s so fucking tanky!


Was much better on breakers back when it had that massive 30% (?) phys/ele conversion, and when soulrend’s base damage was physical

It’s still very good after CDR was brought back to the amulet. In fact I would argue that it might be bis for quite a few CDR based Breakers.

I have around 30 chars that I rotate in and out though I do tend to favor certain archtypes. I highly prefer playing elemental based gunners and casters while I almost never play pet builds.

This build is what I’ve been playing a lot lately. Its a variant of the big guns build but with more spread shots for more brimstone goodness. Its amazing how you just point in a direction and everything downrange disappears. The Desolator buff made this gun so very sexy.


My two personal builds: Retaliation Death Knight (using +retaliation%, physique, +health%, damage to health conversion & life leech mods on gear, essentially immortal with extremely large health pool, sword & board for bosses, 2H weapon for everything else) & Dual-Pistol Blackwater Purifier utilizing Aura of Censure along with fast movement speed & attack speed (30%+), CDR to keep Blackwater Cocktail bombs flying, and skill/item AoE damage procs. It’s a kiting build. Lay down big pools of fire, stay behind them and pewpew/lure with the pistols.

I left my theorycrafting days far behind once I realized gamedevs will absolutely make changes just to spite theorycrafters and for no other reason, so I am sure these are not optimal builds. Now I play what is fun to me and makes the biggest boom on the screen while doing it.

I don’t know which fairytale fantasy you live in, this is completely untrue.

There have been far more buffs than nerfs.


I made a completely OP build, by using an item in a way it was clearly not designed for

I asked Z to nerf it in a manner which wouldn’t kill the build

He agreed.

I always liked @jajaja’s Tri-Element Saboteur.

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  1. @Superfluff Belgothian Blademaster & old Deathguard Reaper
  2. @John_Smith Barrel Salvo Elementalist
  3. @ya1 Cyclone elementalist
  4. @sir_spanksalot Old AoM Darkblaze Pyro
  5. @mad_lee Valdun Purifier
  6. @afanasenkov26 Desolator Purifier
  7. My binder xD

But to be honest this is not actually an order, more like my favorite builds and i would never consider one to be more likeable than the other. I love`em all guys!

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I’m shocked. Call the press, lads. We’ve got breaking news.

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If you make Binder like @romanN1 you can’t just miss mention it :wink: