[Ranged][] A simple Runebinder Mage Hunter

[Ranged][] A simple 2H-Ranged Elemental Mage Hunter

GRIMTOOL - Edit: 05/15/2019
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I stopped dreaming of an efficient Dual Gun Mage Hunter and decided to build a straightforward Runebinder. This is the strongest MH build I’ve played so far.
Lokarr Kill is 45/50 seconds full facetank mode.


Full Runebinder set.
Gloves : for a sweet pierce to cold conversion.

Notable constellations : Inspiration, Ultos, Kraken and Hydra.

Damage : Rune of Hagarrad and let Runic Bolts and WPS’s do the job.
Utility : the power of Arcanist with MoE and Nullification.
Defense : Horn of gandarr and the powerful combo WoR + Inquistor Seal.


  • High OA with a 2H-ranged weapon means big fat numbers on screen :slight_smile:
  • Good Physical Res.
  • The sound of Runic Bolts is so relaxing.


  • Lack of Mobility (not in the next expansion though !)
  • Attack Speed

That’s an easy fight. Lokarr can be facetanked and dies in 45 to 50 seconds usually.

I didn’t really prioritize attack speed.

I hope you guys like it !

Edit 2018-06-30: Devotions and Mastery Points.

Hey, a few suggestions:

  1. Revamp your devotions. Assassin’s mark is literally useless. Harp isn’t so great given you already have high OA/DA and you won’t have energy problems as an arcanist with maxed IEE.

http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=617905#post617905 check this thread for reference on devotions. There’s also a mage Hunter on the second post.

  1. On Storm spread. It should either be 7/10 or 16/10 cause that’s where the extra projectiles appear. Since you can’t get it to 16/10, better leave it at 7 and dump the points to mirror. Same with chilling rounds. Leave it at 8 points and dump the rest to mirror/steel resolve. A good amount of the flat phys gets converted there due to IEE.
  1. Assassin was here more for the constellation reward than anything (yellow+purple) but if Harp is useless, I will switch both for Chariot+Quill.

(I read your link, thank you, very instructive as usual. I didn’t see a build on the Compendium, that’s why I posted mine)

  1. Storm Spread: good point I didn’t know.
    Steel Resolve: maxed it in my physical tactician but forgot it on this build indeed.

Quick question: is this build “c+” capable ? I didn’t find the courage/build yet to really get into the Crucible grind.

(and thank you for taking some time to make suggestions).

If you want this to be 170 viable (esp. below 12mins.) Then you absolutely need censure instead of conviction. I haven’t tested MH in cruci. I only did Tactician and Deceiver and both clear in 9 mins with refined play. 11max if you’re unlucky or have bad play. Unfortunately I can’t test anything in cruci yet cause I did a full delete of my GD data and started from zero again (i made backups tho). But I could try and make a GT link when I get home.

Just curious, have you tried Cinderplate Girdle with this build? I know the skills bonuses are pretty much useless on the Cinderplate girdle, but i wonder how effective the 50% pierce to fire conversion would be. The fact that it’s craftable also mean a possible blacksmith armor bonus as well, which to me is always a pretty nice thing to have.

Based on my experience with Tactician, +1 to inq along with crit (scales of beronath) or DA (deception) is better than the conversion.

Indeed. “+1 skills/all skills” is pretty hard to beat when choosing an item. Especially for this slot.

I also used to have these gloves: LINK
The -% cunning requirement and %elem. res. would allow more physique and =%health augments x 2.

You know you can bind one of the devotions to runic bolts instead of the 20% chance proc?
I don’t know if that’s a better choice, but it seems to me it would proc more often.

Runic Bolts is linked to Hand of Ultos, of course. I don’t know why it didn’t show when I uploaded the GT link. GT has some minor bugs with default attack abilities that are granted from item.

Hey just a newbie dropping a note to say that my lvl 58 Mage Hunter is built around this setup, and it’s quite powerful and fun even just as an incomplete build, with some of the abilities and devotions, so thanks for it. I was keen to try an MH, and also to use a crossbow, so when I saw this build it seemed just the ticket.

It’s a neat combination of tricks! I’d forgotten how much fun “pulling” mobs into traps is in videogames :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to working towards the full build in due course.

Added a greenless version of the build.