Ranged combat ideas.

Hi there,

I posted that in different topic but I think it would fit here more:

What do you think? I love ranged combat it’s a lil bit too dull in the long run.
I’d love too see some new weapon types.

Imagine clearing corridors with 12gauge heavy trench gun.
Or taking down enemies one by one with silent bow without irritating some hard boss in that area.
Imagine using grenade launcher, reflecting them off the walls to clear rooms without risking getting hit etc (Quake!).

… or deployable stationary machine guns that can help players defend their castles.
Whoops, I didn’t mention players buying and upgrading their keeps-strongholds? Yeah there’s that :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention elemental dmg guns

Ammo counters would be terrible, but reloading and mag sizes would add depth to ranged combat system. All guns atm are single shot rifles pistols and crossbows. Adding autofire would force adding things like that to balance them in a proper way.

That scope for sniper rifles wouldn’t be mandatory. But I think it would fit since aiming would be fairly slow and stationary:

Love all of your proposals.

Forgot to mention- would be great to see charging ability, that would take current ranged combat to another level.

Occultist skill that when used as main attack, would allow players to charge shots (pressing lmb longer, longer->higher dmg, up to like 4-5sec) with some dark energy.

Current point&clic.shoot is not as satisfying as it should be.