Ranged death knight?

So I haven’t seen this kind of build anywhere. Lots of melee and krieg based set builds. So I’m wondering if there is something inherently flawed in the ranged options for this build? Is it just not a viable? Or is there just no interest?

I really like the idea of using mythical deathdealers. If anyone has any insight I’d be interested to hear.

Well now that Necro has phys res too you can build a deathdealer ranged build sure. Why not.

Can’t post links yet but there is one called The Deathly Roland Deschain Machinegun Cowboy Uncommon Lifestealer Ranged build, you can find it on this forum.

EDIT: here www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65121

I was contemplating the build in order to make use of the Mythical Vortex of Souls. I chose to go Ritualist instead, because cadence already allows 100% piercing through enemies, so it trivialized the guns best property.