Rare craft mats

Hello I just beat log on ult but as dps is around 33kish I literally can’t farm anything highend so I am trying to focus on using the bs in the tyrant’s hold. But I don’t know where to farm those like blood of c’thon etc. I am most interested in tainted brain matter farm places. Which is the best etc…

there is a smith in the Necropolis that does 1:1 exchanges of brains, hearts and blood. So just farm whatever you can farm the easiest. The places the Chtonic Rifts lead to give quite a bit Blood of Chton, lately, I have also gotten a fair share of Blood from running Cronly/Fabius and salvaging the empowered epics and legendaries I find.

Also, blowing up blues and purples you don’t need can return random rare components.