Rare ingridients drop suck

Dear developers,
You have to really do something about rare ingridients drop
After 700 hrs of game i can’t reall allow myself to craft some fu##ing component because it requires 16 ugdenblooms, for which

  1. I have to spend about 2-3 hours on ultimate to find them
  2. I have to do it in single player mode because instanced loot does not favor those stuff and can spend day playing with ppl and find none of those
  3. Rare ingridients from FG dlc do not drop AT ALL, this is just stupid

What i suggest

  1. Make all those rare ingridients drop from everything - heros, bosses, chest, whatever
    but starting as player reach certain area in game
  2. Do something with multiplayer - dublicate this stuff for every player. Or something

2-3 hours for 16 ugdenbloom? I can get like 30 in one hour

Do you mean eldritch essences and celestial lotus? I have plenty of them.

good to know, i got few celestial lotuses from quest, never from drop
and few eldritch essences from dismantling items, and may be 2-3 from drop, thats from entire dlc content

farming routes is surely fun, for someone may be, enjoy spending hours if you have along life

Don’t want to farm them? 3rd party tools like GD Stash or save file duplication exist. Grim Dawn is mainly a single player game - no one cares if you want to cheat items in or not, what you do is up to you.

What is the point of getting those ingredients? To make better gear, to play more, to find more gear, to make more builds, to play more… and so on

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the sequence is shorter - to become more powerful and overcome harder challenges, it’s a main goal of arpg, and probably of life itself. Spending hours gardening flowers is not a challenge, killing bosses is

cheats have their consequences - you lose interest very fast
i usually use cheats when gameplay sucks, but want finish it for some reason and forget
GD is not of this sort :slight_smile:

perhaps that is a reason why you are so impatient with Grim Dawn?

Look, your complaints have been answered. 16 ugdenblooms in 2-3 hours, and FG components do not drop AT ALL? you are trolling us for sure

no, i just have some real life, which do not include farming flowers for hours

Then you probably need to change your expectations. Everyone has given you ideas and suggestions on how to get the stuff in the game. If you can’t/won’t do that then change your expectations. In an ARPG farming is an inherent part of the challenge. Your said it isn’t it’s “killing bigger bosses”. But it is so either change expectations and kill bosses you can take on that don’t require farming the best gear or change game genres that don’t have farming as an inherent part of the game because i can tell you right now the game isn’t going change it.

I agree that it takes too long and wish the requirements are reduced. 30 ugdenbloom per hour sounds tolerable but when you consider the total farming time to create all those endgame components that you need it becomes borderline intolerable. Many frozen heart/battered shell, rare component like ancient armor plate, seal of binding etc.

Typically during the farming stage I drift off thinking about other build possibilities then get too bored and start a new character to play the new build idea. So I have not played much of the challenging endgame content in my many hours.

I do not want to cheat but I guess I have to begin using gdstash to artificially raise my farming yields to prevent slow progression.

Perhaps dismantling could get some buffs?