Rare Prefix + Suffix percentage roll on MI drops

Hi everyone. Maybe this question has been answered somewhere in the forum but i couldn’t find it.

I’m trying to farm two Dermapteran Slicers with Sinister prefix and of Ruthlessness suffix for an Infiltrator build, but both affixes being rare, i’m having a hard time finding it.
Is there a percentage info regarding the drop chance of these affixes, besides just calculating it purely mathematically from the total of affixes available for swords?
I noticed that affixes corresponding to either your classes or the damage type of the weapon (in this case pierce damage) drop more often than other affixes.
Still, i did 100+ runs, and had barely managed to find only one of the affixes attached to the weapon.

Below is the weapon with the affixes attached

Thank you for your help.
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What class you use is irrelevant to the affix drop chances

Yes, it’s a feature added in

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Well, it’s not only about chance of rolling, but also how many monsters you kill. You’re talking about 100+ runs, but you want specific affixes. This can take you 1000+ runs, probably. I also did those for quite a while but gave up. Be also aware that they may drop a lvl 84 version of the weapon. It would be very frustrating.

affix rarity is weighted based on item class.

i.e. a 2h weapon will have

10000 normal
2500 magic prefix no suffix
2000 magic prefix magic suffix
1500 magic prefix rare suffix
1500 rare prefix magic suffix
2000 rare prefix no suffix
2000 no prefix rare suffix
100 rare prefix rare suffix

i made up the values but the rolls and types of rolls are weighted by item class that references tables for specific item slots.

but that would give 1/215 of a double rare