Rat Catcher- monthly gold cost

I was a bit puzzled on where my gold was disappearing to until I noticed icons over the rat catcher huts. When clicked they showed activity was cancelled as no payment was made (or something like that) I then looked and was surprised to see that each rat catcher was costing 8 gold pe month. I had installed enough rat catchers to cover the whole village and this was costing a fortune. Is 8 gold per month realistic?


Someone posted another thread with a lot of feedback, one of which was the observation that the radius of some circles around service buildings (rat catcher, hunter, fisher, forager) were too small. I certainly agree. And especially with the rat-catcher. They have way more idle time than work time, so their radius could be expanded quite a bit, and that would bring costs down, as there would be fewer rat-catchers needed.


I’ve had a further look at the rat catcher houses. I can see some spend nearly 100% of their time working but others spend 90% + gathering food etc. I just can’t see why ratcatchers are costing the society 8 gold per month when, as far as I can see, the only other occupation with a monthly gold fee is soldiers. Thy are apparently consuming food and clothing the same a ostlers, candle stick makers etc. who cost nil in gold.

Compost Yard costs. Healer’s Hut costs. Theatre. I think there are others too.

I don’t see the need in spamming rat catchers. As long as they cover any food storage it seems to suffice.

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This mod allows us to increase the work area of specific buildings, so I’ll be trying it out with the ratcatchers. (I don’t really want it for my fishers etc, they’re more than fine as is.)

I’ve found as long as I have markets and food storage covered, I’m good. And placed right, one rat catcher can cover 2-4 markets. Just be smart with your placement.


I fairly agree with all what has been said here.
I really think that the rat catcher should obey to the same mechanic than the compost yard, without radius. Just build more when the quantity of rats exceeds the capacity of the rat catcher to get em all.
Concerning the cost, and compared to a soldier wage, it is actually out of range. It would sounds fair that the rat catcher earns as much as the compost yard because they both deal with different unqualified but dirty jobs.

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With their current work efficiency, no radius and lowered cost would be very unbalanced. They probably need to train a dozen ratter dogs to so quickly kill all the rats from a building. That could justify the costs. But really, I think it’s a bit too fast for proper balance. What Medieval or later town managed to get rid of all its rats with a few rat catchers?
They should be able to keep rat populations in check, not keep everything completely rat-free. There’s always going to be some food losses to vermin. Plus, rat catchers should catch far more diseases.

That would create a far more interesting challenge than having to move the work radius of your rat catchers around all the time.