Rate My Build

Hey, so I have made a really quick elementalist build which uses the Ulto’s Set.

The build is only semi complete as I still need to fill in the missing slots with other items which will give other skill bonuses. Here is what the build looks like with out the + to skills bonus. And here is what it will look like with the 5 set Ultos’. Please feel free to make any suggestions towards the build or any items I could use to fill in the missing slots, hope you like were I am going with this.

Lastly I have not looked at the devotion points yet either so there is much more work to do, but am looking towards some advice on how to finish it up.

Hiya Archimonde :slight_smile:

You’re build looks like a glass cannon :smiley: so if you don’t mind dieing more and more as you go up in difficulties, then it will be helluva lot of fun to play! Going to hit like a truck :smiley:

However, if you are going to try and get through without dieing (or only minimally), you’ll want to put more points into the mastery bar for Demo to get it to about 40 just for the base stats.

You should reduce your offensive skill spending to pick up flash bang and concussion grenade (10-20 points) with transmute for stun (2 points total). Probably should pick up Wendigo totem for 12 as I’ve heard the healing on that for high health characters is pretty damn awesome :smiley:

So in the end I’d only have 2 offensive skills maxed, one for single target, and if you can’t make it multi target (or not good enough AoE), one for AoE trash clear.

But hey. what ever you do… HAVE FUN :smiley: my 2c :slight_smile:

Thank you, I think am going to drop Savagery as I want it to be more range orientated, and make it a bit more defensive to stay alive better.