Rate my first bulid (forcwave warlord)

been playing grim for the last week on this, it works good, i haven’t had any problem so far, its a work in progress (waiting to get the mythical of the 2h weapon) im also farming for some compents still

but so far, do you think i can change anything ? the chest is meh but i dont have a good one, thank you in advance


If you are waiting on component blueprints or mats to craft them, you can still put components on items with what you have on hand, then remove them at the inventor later. Might as well use them while you wait.


Took a look at GT and made a few quick changes for more HP, a bit more OA and 100% armor absorb. Added components for medal, ammy and boots with things you probably have already. Also made a quick change to your devotion map. Dropped Fox and Empty Throne, added Toad then Behemoth. Giant’s Blood bound to Resilience gives you another circuit breaker. You can try that or look at a couple guides for Physical Forcewave for some ideas on an optimal map.

For skills, I dropped 3 points in Squad Tactics and put them in Internal Trauma. For the additional 3 points overcap in ST, you’re only getting 1% attack/cast speed and 30% damage which isn’t a great return on investment.

Anyways just a few ideas to try. Good luck!