Rate of fire on Arcane Currents?

Anyone know this? Trying to figure out whether it’s worth it to go Attak Seru.

Most important question is how they work. They shoot kind once per second but it’s how they do it that’s important.

They work very well with CDR. From what I noticed you get 4 of them at times standing on the ground and they shoot on the ground a meter wide beam that passes through all enemies. It can be very effective with the right build.

The build I had in mind is a S&B Defiler that uses DE while using transmuted Siphon Souls and static Demo skills like TM, VF+UW, and transmuted BWC to deal damage while tanking everything.

I was thinking of going either Spear of the Heavens or binding DE to Arcane Currents. Would have only 12% CDR, but DE would be a great proc skill for it. Thoughts?

I don’t know if BWC will do much damage with a predominantly aether setup. Truth be told an apostate would have the synergy for the kind of aether damage you’s want to do.

Do they know? I feel like they shoot faster than that. Otherwise the devotion is strictly inferior to Blind Sage proc numerically before even considering the energy burn or detonation, which doesn’t seem right.

BWC is for the RR and phys/OA debuff. I get that I could get more Aether RR with Apostate and also get Inq seal, but then I’d have to get either BSoD, Manticore, or RE for the RR and I don’t get the cast speed from VF. RoH is harder to use than FB. Also, more competition for exclusive skills. It can definitely work as an Apostate, maybe even be better, but Defiler fits my visual better. I like the idea of having Warpfire/Will of the Living.

Do you think Arcane Currents would be better than SotH in this case?

i like the devotion, You can try it out for yourself and see how it is for you.