Ravenours Earth exact fire rate? / working as intended?

not sure if my toons are just borked, i read too much into the skill tooltip, or it’s completely working as intended, but
ravenous earth doesn’t have a 1sec interval fire rate. @_@

Tooltip says 4sec duration, and it fires 4 bursts, “naturally” the gnome assumed that meant 1sec interval like most other such skills
however, after extensive testing and frustration, it definitely doesn’t have a 1sec interval fire rate, or even 0.9 sec interval, it seems more like it’s slightly below 0.8 sec interval - i needed a total of 22% cdr before i could get it to proc 1sec CD devos at every burst

testing was done on Normal, Fort Ikon 4 dummy cluster, with 100 chance on crit devotion skill Blind Fury for easiest proc guarantee, but also tested with Maul and Tsunami.
with 6100+ OA, on Normal, pth reading 55.5%crit chance on dummy, it was impossible to get RE to proc Blind Fury (or other 1sec interval devos) on every burst, and even with up to 16% cdr still didn’t happen, reaching 22% cdr Blind Fury would finally have 100% uptime
-and as 1sec interval confirmation i tested the usual stuff like sigils, vines, swam, omen etc etc on single target dummy in Homestead, and had 0 issue getting 100% uptime/procs on every tick with 0 cdr as expected ofc

besides the final question of “is this working as intended”(deliberately meant to mess without our devo proc rates Z? :thinking::wink:), or is something actually wrong with RE?
and ofc either way, what is the actual fire rate of Ravenous Earth?
(and whyyy isn’t it 1sec like all the others ? :persevere:)

RE has a 0.8 second interval.

FYI not all skills have 1 second intervals.

For example, Blackwater has 1.2 seconds and Grasping Vines has 0.5 seconds


i did not know that :no_mouth:
cheers :+1:

gonna assume it’s then indeed in the category of “working as intended”, and Z would have 0 interest in changing/“aligning” things just to better fit most devo proc cooldowns :sweat_smile: