Raw power / -Resistance

is there a specification or guide on when it is better to get raw dmg numbers than -resistances? more specifically at the normal difficulty, should i focus on raw dmg skills or get -resistances early (like spectral wrath) ?

If it helps your dmg type always get RR if it’s whitin your reach. Especially in mastery, then devotions (unless elemental dmg type where rhowan’s crown is easy to get and has so much rr).

You need rr to really harness whatever power you have once you hit elite and esp ultimate

so i cant be wrong with rushing spectral wrath 1st? above all else?

If you are veteran it’s worth 5 points in there. Slowly max towards the end of veteran.

Kills mobs pretty fast too

thanks for the tip!

P.S. ofcourse veteran… whats the point of playing it without it :confused: :rolleyes:

Unlocking elite faster, of course. ;D

But yeah in general RR is multiplicative, straight bonuses are additive; therefore you’re almost always going to want more RR if you can get it since (a) it increases your dps way better, and (b) it’s harder to get than straight bonuses which pretty much just fall in your lap.

In addition to what others have mentioned I would say that - resistance is very helpful as most damage types have mobs that are very strongly resistant them. All the bleed damage in the world won’t do you much good in Arkovia with no - resistance, chaos damage without - resistance is going to suffer against the big Chthonian monsters, etc.

  1. You don’t have any RR and deal 100k damage per hit. You encounter the mob which have 80% resist to your damage type, and hit him only for 20k damage per hit.

  2. You have -120% RR to your damage type. You encounter the mob which have 80% resist, shred it and hit him for 140k damage per hit.
    80-120 = -40. It literally means vulnerability instead of resistance.

140/20 = 7 times better damage with no changes in damage output.

Since no one mentioned it… stacking resist debuffs is unlike stacking damage and speed buffs. The closer the mob to immunity, the more a given debuff increases your kill speed. Stealing 5% resist a 95% immune increases your killing pace by 200%. Stealing the same to a 0% immune increases it by only 105%. So in order to precisely evaluate how stacking res debuffs affect your killing pace, you have to take into account the health and resistances of mobs in a specific farming/questing area. Wether you fight in an area where the most resistant mobs have the most health, or the least, impacts greatly the effectiveness of those debuffs.

well thats what i asked, when it is better to take resist reduction or when to get dmg :smiley: because thats the question that bugged me at the beginning :smiley:

Still it doesn’t matter how much resistance a monster has, RR is always better. By the endgame, your main damage type will usually have more than 1500% raw bonus damage ( and this is being conservative). So even if the monster has 0 resistance and you do a - 20% RR on the monster, it increases your overall damage by 20%, which equals to 300% raw bonus damage. And this is if the monster has 0 resistance. Like people have mentioned above, the higher resistance a monster has, the more effective RR will be.


So the question cannot be when, but where… I can only suggest you a simple formula to get an approximate idea of when you get more from adding % damage or -resist. So let’s say you’re a cold build and have the choice between adding -cold resist or +% cold damage.

First consider the enemy as if it had 0% cold resistance at that point. Then +x% of your current damages = -x from his current resistance.

-x res = x (your % cold damage / 100)

Example, at 1000% cold damage, stacking -5 less cold resist equals stacking +50% more cold damage.

Now, consider the current resistance of the enemy.

If it has around 50 cold resistance instead of zero, stacking -res is twice more effective.

-x res = x (your % cold damage / 100)*2

At half that sum (25), it would be only half more effective.

-x res = x (your % cold damage / 100)*1.5

If it has around 75 resistance, the effectiveness quadruples (fourfold).

-x res = x (your % cold damage / 100)*4

If it has around 87.5 resistance, it octuples (eightfold).

-x res = x (your % cold damage / 100)*8

No need to be super precise, since the environment is so complex you’ll never manage to get an exact idea of what you’re gaining from -res.

the math is almost too advanced for me :smiley:

i ment, for early game, when you have… 30 skill points: is it better to distribute evenly on dmg skills/resist reduction or max out one of them :eek:

Early game you distribute evenly, or max damage skills (actually doesn’t really matter what you do, you will do fine early games). Late game you get as much RR as possible.