RE Bloodletter OA change

Let me preface this with i 100% understand the Tempest change
but, Bleed builds have a singular prefix available, so it’s not something about being too stacked ignoring the competition; there is no competition
Bleed builds is also extremely more relying on crits than most other builds, as their sole dmg runs once every second so it’s vital most of that is criting, ie more susceptible to crit/oa impacts than other builds

i quickly loaded a upheaval build using 2x tempest prefixes, didn’t seem super bad, around 30 OA down per prefix

loaded a bleed build on hand with 3x bloodletters, and it’s gutted by comparison, down 60oa per slot

So, this is not me trying to kneejerk about a nerf, but more genuinely puzzled by the change/reason twofold, - other part/aside from the “no prefix competition being ignored ala Tempest” i know there there has been recent feedback to help bleed builds, so this reduction then seem strangely contrary to that request on top-
While at the same time interested in the impact it has for others, lesser or more green bleed builds out there?


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Removal of the % OA on that prefix was consistent with its removal on Tempest.

Bleed devotions will have additional OA in the next build.


the exsanguination victims of Cairn appreciates you :pray:

Elemental please


small update after the recent changelog

+17OA difference (vs 180 lost)

still pretty gutted :sweat_smile:
probably in part because this setup just happen to only benefit from the Huntress OA change