Re-work / make fun the Nemesis system

Currently reaching Nemesis yields nothing apart from the horribly slim chance that you stumble on one of the Nemesis cruising the MC.

Especially Kupa and Alex with their night 30 spawn points! make no sense to chase after.

Nemesis throves also dont reward much apart from pattern (in case you dont have all).

Proposal is to either:

  • reduce Nemesis spawn points (so they can be tracked in some sensible timeframe like Zantarim/Fabius)
  • add an option to an NPC to buy “inteligence” on a Nemesis which could indicate you that a certain Nemesis is located lets say in Crown Hill (so you know Alex is there for sure but you still need to scour it all and endure all the steps / navigation horrors).
  • re-work Nemesis status that it actually makes the player have good % chance when spawning in a zone controled by the specific faction, to be ambushed by the respective Nemesis.

This will provide actual sense to the meaning of the word as well as allow Nemesis to be encountered more than once in a bluemoon.

+1 if this is possible

Reduced spawn points is a sensible thin to ask. I do like the second option though, it’s nice

A skull on the map like in the Crucible would be handy.

by definition this should be fabius’ job or by any nemesis for that matter. Imagine being SS’ed or meteored by surprise while playing barbie dressing up at the illusionist! :p:rolleyes:

reduce Nemesis spawn points (so they can be tracked in some sensible timeframe like Zantarim/Fabius)

And have their loot be nerfed like those Nemeses.

Before Alex got his voice samples, that’s nearly how it went in any vanguard zone. “Huh, this Myrmidon hero doesn’t have his star-” followed by your skull doing its best Tunguska impression.

My proposal: Kuba now splits into Reapers, who summon Alexanders instead of wraiths.

Weatherman: Hey, it’s raining on Route 119!

Me: Here I come you damned Kyogre!!

I like this idea

it’s not that much about spawn points imo but rather about different locations. if it’s 15 spaw points divided into 10 locations it’s worse than 30 spawn points in 5 locations.

a little contradictory as making Nemesis easier to find (and thus more farmable) wouls probably lead to a decreased drop rate :undecided:

that’s a good idea actually but that didn’t solve the problem of why would you want to farm them in the first place. maybe they should give more rare mats (interesting for end game crafting and doesn’t cause a loot imbalance), or MIs legendaries… AoM already gives a better incentive to farm them by switching their MIs gear slot from shoulders to pants.

that would be the funniest way to improve the Nemesis system, but probably the hardest to implement (and that would piss off players who tries to avoid Nemesis, especially in hardcore)