Real Hirelings with inventory possible?

Howdy :slight_smile:

A while ago i was stumbling accross the template “Hireling” and “Hirelingwindow”, i guess people already seen these aswell.

My question is, if it would be possible to make this existing “mechanic” work “somehow” at all or was this completely locked due to issues it introduced and the templates simply were forgotten to be removed?

Already tried a few things, it is surprisingly working and acting like a pet, even has the “inspect” option on right clicking it’s portrait, mechanically that creature is working with the template, no issues, but when it comes to open that “Hireling Inventory” there it stops, as imagined, as we do not have anything that would be linkable to the next template it should be, the “Hirelingwindow”? or did i miss anything here? :smiley: it really would be lovable to have this, somehow :smiley: but i doubt that will work :frowning:

some clarifications on this would be supernice :slight_smile:

not possible, those files have existed since TQ.

damn :frowning: thank you :slight_smile: would be funny to see maybe at some point in the future.