Reaper cold damage Drain Essence slow leveling?

Hello, I just wanted to ask people here who tried to level cold damage Drain Essence if they had the same problem as I did, that the spell deals pitiful damage for the energy it consumes. In fact Chill Spike is faster, despite me having put 10 points already into DE.

I haven’t tried levelling with DE, but it is perfectly normal for component skills to perform better than a low investment mastery skill, otherwise they would be useless. Fireblast performs better than a low investment PRM/CT as well.

As for DE I always regarded it as a dominantly vitality skill before you find conversions. Not aether or cold.

Thank you for the reply. I would like to add that I have leveled around a dozen characters, 4 are 100 and finished with the campaign, but DE is by far the lowest DPS skill I have ever tried to level with. I am just confused about why it works so badly. For vitality damage part, you are correct, I just checked the tooltip and it is roughly 470 vita and 160 cold damage, but I have hardly any gear and my devotions go towards Revenant. Quest is what I will do after, probably trying Ratatosh+Murmur if possible.
If it won’t change anytime soon I might have to scour my other characters for twink gear, or change to normal if that is still possible because frankly, risking death whenever there is a mere elite around becomes tedious, and needing several minutes for just a boss type, have not tried Krieg yet, is quite annoying.

Ok so for anyone who wants to try level with an Essence Drain build, it is advisable to maximize Spectral Wrath asap, with it the leveling goes much smoother especially against undead. My mistake was to focus too much on the cold damage part when it is hardly possible to develop properly early on. I guess my mistake was to think too much about what it will look like at level 94+ with the Chillwhisper set and not think it through how to get there.

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