Reaper suggestions

Hey folks,
i love melee heros and i dont like to kite at all. So I am looking for a nice build for the Reaper (Blade and Necro = dps-machine + life leech / tourment for facetanking).
Meanwhile i have two heros at level 100 but i am far from knowing all converting possibilities.

So my main questions are:

  • necro has aether, vitality, pierce, cold damage. Blademaster has pierce, phys, cold and poison. Possible to unite them and convert them in a good way, with not too many different damage types?

  • Devotions: I would like to pick Hungering Void. Is it necessary to use Vitaly or Chaos damage? For recharging the survival abilities, i think “time dilation” makes sense…?

Thx for your help.

the Hauser

Unfortunately, Reaper is one of the weakest melee Nightblades and not tanky at all. John_Smith managed to do a decent and creative melee Reaper with Belgothian set. But then it’s worth then other Belgothians both in damage and tankiness departments.

There is also Deathguard Reaper - requires some nice green items to be working properly, also kinda glassy.

So yeah, Reaper would be a poor choice in your case.

That is all relevant for end-game, if you want to just run through Main Campaign, Reaper will be fine. But if you want a real melee MACHINE, Reaper is not what you are looking for.

deathmarked reaper can be decent as well also a plus that it is zero greens

this build probably has more staying power (facingtanking) than most reaper builds due to the higher phys resist, high dodge + deflect, and good life leech.

No. Lol. Kidding. Kinda makes a little bit of sense but…

Your expectations, as you described them, are high. Top tier high. So you got two builds: Deathguard and Demonlayer. First one is acid autoattack with Bone Harvest nuke and the other vitality Phantasmal Blades. And neither is best at what they do. They’re not bad dmg-wise (far behind their infiltrator and witch hunter cousins though so hardly “dps-machines”) but neither can facetank everything without giving an inch.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is true power lies elsewhere. Reaper only sounds badass.

As for your questions, yeah, you must use some conversion and no, you can’t pick devotions just because you like them (if you want top tier). I’m afraid you won’t have room for Aeon in many reaper setups.

Thanks for the fast answer, mate.
Yes, i would like to make a tanky melee with decent dps for endgame / possible to kill Lokarr…
What would you suggest? your Trickster build?
i think, blademaster is always a part of a decent dps-melee-build…


sounds interesting, ty

Deathmarked makes it tougher than other Reapers, but then compared to other Deathmarked it’s just not good at all. Also that armor and slow res might spell doom for it in end-game.

I would not recommend Trickster if you want tankiness. I would recommend either Deathmarked Blademaster (Veretragna did one and there is also an alternative spec from yours trully which I will update once FG is out) or my Belgothian Infiltrator. Both can operate without greens both are very strong in terms of damage and can handle Lokarr.

slow res is easy fixed by using tranquil mind first link was just max damage

  • You are talking about a poison witch hunter, i guess?

  • i am open minded for other suggested combinationes :stuck_out_tongue:


that is actually not bad. Still worse than other Deathmarked, but decent! Would do skills/devotions bit differently tho.

Just keep in mind, with the Deathmarked Reaper build those two rings can take FOREVER to get a matching set. I finished leveling my Reaper just a few days ago and started farming those rings. :rolleyes: