Reaping Arc Visuals

Not rly a bug, but:

Reaping Arc used to have both Aether and Vitality damage.
Now it only deals Vitality damage, no Aether anymore.
Yet, it has still GREEN visuals, not red. This an oversight or intended?


Are you wearing multiple conversion items for it?

It’s Reaping Arc. From Uroboruuk’s Reaping relic. It doesn’t have conversion items. It’s just green as a leftover from when it was Aether+Vit, but it doesn’t deal Aether anymore. So it’s a teal coloured Vit attack now, which looks really weird.

What IMarcus said.
Color conversions only come with item skill modifiers. And there is none such for an item granted skill.

Ah right, Reaping Arc, not Blade Arc.

The visual was intended to be Aether, yes.

Suppose it could be changed to Vitality to match the main damage now.


Add aether Blade Arc mod to Lucius sword for the VFX not going to waste, while at it ::winks::


I liked the Aether color of it :frowning: But should logically be red i think, youre right :smiley:

This way it will also suit Chaos Reaping Arc (with Doom Bolt) visually which is a cool build.


Haven’t stumbled across that one yet. You got a link?

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Yeah @tqFan GT link or it doesn’t exist ! :wink:

@klasperstanze Here are 3 builds by me (older), Shopping and Banana (newer)

[edit] Ok, 4th unlisted one by Supertolik, also older Chaos RA Deciever 4.26 - YouTube


It already got changed, together with icon! I didn’t even notice the update (might be due to performance Steam settings).


Wham, that’s my 2nd direct impact to the game! Reaping arc and killing weapon switch exploit xD


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