Recent Patch: Celestial Powers Change - Did the developers make a huge mistake?

Fixed an issue where on Attack/Crit Celestial Powers could be assigned to certain Buff skills. This was unintended behavior as buffs are meant to be bound exclusively to on Hit/Block/Low Health Powers. This may have caused your assigned Celestial Powers to reset. - Patch

I am really having an issue understanding why this change was made/fixed (if it was a bug).

TLDR: Why did you take away one of the best parts of the game???

I personally feel that this game benefited greatly by letting the devotions proc off of damage abilities. It added such an interesting dimension to making class builds. As a person who has been enjoying this game greatly (to my surprise), due to the numerous different build options. I have to ask myself and you: Why you would limit players in this way!

One example of what I was using on my level 91 hardcore tactician.
“Rune Armor of Ignaffar” which has the skill “Ignaffar’s Pressence” a damage aura that I bound to “Flame Torrent” in the “Fiend” constellation.

This skill bound to the aura literally changed by game experience for the better.

I am certain that there is even a load screen option that says “that there are items in the game that BRING A BUILD TOGETHER.”

I can not be the only person who feels that this change was A. Unnecessary and B. Hurts the overall game play.

I do not understand how having crazy builds which are super fun to play in a non competitive single player game is at all a bad thing. Maybe this was not how it was originally intended but jesus does it make the game fun to play. I hope other people agree and we can get this put back into the game.

It was fixed because if you assign an offensive celestial power to a buff, ANYTHING you did while the buff was active would proc the celestial power. The damage of the buff, your default attacks, other skills, etc. - they could all activate the devotion proc.

So they stripped the game of the entire option instead of just fixing it?

If i understand what youre saying, its that if I had Flame Torrent bound to Ignaffars Pressence and i auto attacked it would proc Flame Torrent. That does need to be fixed.

However, what I am saying is why not just make it so that flame torrent can ONLY be procced by the skill that is assigned to it, in this case Ignaffars Pressence’s damage.

Is that something that is in the pipeline or that will be brought back at some point?

@ Ceno:
Yes, I think that was way over-the-top.

But I´m really undecided:
I have 2 Seal of Blades. I bound Howl of Mogdrogen to one, Falcon Swoop to the other.

Howl of Mogdrogen felt right. It was up, when I needed it (it has an internal CD) and I had/have no other skill I can bind it to without CD (or WPS, which isn´t really good).

With Falcon Swoop…different matter. Sometimes I felt like Mad Queen and Zantarin combined because I had a full-automatic shotgun which cleared the path for me. Didn´t feel right, so it was a lot of dps.

I doubt it will come back as it was sans the allproc bug.

Devotions seem largely balanced around the fact that you need to assign them to an active skill. There is opportunity cost around trying to proc more than the devotion assigned to your main skill (i.e. you are not using your main skill).

There are obviously some situations where the rule gets bent (support abilities like Curse of Frailty; cooldown skills like Blitz; or pets), but being able to passively autoproc on builds that otherwise have to sacrifice time in combat for it made things like Seal of Blades massively out of line compared to other items in slot.

In short, it’s fundamentally too powerful and needs to be designed to fit into the game before being implemented. Not just thrown in “oh lol hi mr. seal of blades 100% up time on any proc of your choice.”

This. All of this. 100% this.

@Rhylthar: I am currently running into the same issue as you in regards to the skills. I currently do not have enough active skills in my class to proc the devotions. With that being said, I also have an issue with the number of skills that would be required for me to play my class. Currently, I would say the maximum number of active skills that I can add into my rotation is ~5. Adding in additional skills would change the way the game plays IMO for the worse. The cast times/auto attack rotation would feel off.

@Konfeta: As I stated above, I can understand the “allproc” bug being fixed. With that said, if you wanted to use items like “seal of blades” why not just give it an appropriate proc rate on the devotion its applied to ie: 5%, 10% or 100%, whatever the devs feel is right. But, as I pointed out to Rhylthar, I feel that adding more skills into the builds/rotation makes the game feel wonky, for lack of a better description. My bottom line is that we already have different proc rates for different skills, why that can not be applied to components and passive auras is what I do not understand.

EDIT: I didnt understand what seal of blades did… That one specific component would also need to be adjusted so you couldn’t run 2 at the same time. IMO make component auras not work in the devotions tree (unbind-able).