Recipes/Blueprints at Smith

Humble request for a feature to be added to FoA when it releases. It would be nice to see for each category in the smith 13/100 or however many you have unlocked out of the total for that category that exist.

I would also really enjoy being able to have a toggle to see owned recipes, not owned recipes, both, or one or the other, so I can make full use of the wonderful search feature when looking for a skill in all the recipes, I can see if there’s items out there that would be worth me trying to farm up recipes etc.

I have almost 700 hours in the game, I probably have almost all the recipes that exist currently, but that’s about to change :slight_smile:

Just think this would be a nice QoL feature. Thanks!

Adding Smitherson’s suggestion from below with my idea on implementation: “Indicator on gear drops if they’re also craftable.” - Would be cool to have a blueprint icon on the tooltip of an item if its craftable, have it be white if you own it, or grey if you don’t.


For now you can use instead :muscle:

+1. I’d aslso like to have an indicator on gear drops if they’re also craftable. For example, the Stronghold belt is craftable but also drops naturally from enemies; maybe have something like "Legendary Belt (craftable) so I don’t have to check each time.


Hey Gregory,

Manually going through each category and counting and cross referencing, thats currently the only way i know to do what i’m asking for. I do use grim tools currently for build planning, at the very least seeing how many recipes you’re missing seems like a good add.

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A little blueprint icon in a corner somewhere in the tooltip where its white if it has a recipe and you own it, or grey if a blueprint exists and you dont

greg meant the checklist Grim Dawn Checklist
it will show you how many blueprints you have and missing, just upload the right file

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