Recovery: 2H Aether Battlemage

I had this build saved (I forget who posted it) for a 2H Aether Battlemage.

I took off the gear so as to not mislead (and I didn’t have everything), except I remember Krieg’s gloves were there for Blitz.

I was testing this build, and had not changed anything (Krieg’s Wrath may have been bound to a devotion, should otherwise be the same, point for point).

Do you have more builds saved?I remember you PM me about the Opressor!

Everything else I have saved is either incomplete or still in the forums :frowning:

I am missing this and the DW Oppressor build. My apologies.

The one time in my life I regret having my history read-only and cleaning up my browser tabs :cry:

This was the grimtools for that 2H Battlemage build.

Outstanding. Thanks!