Redeeming Loyalist package

I played during the beta and had bought the Loyalist package when it was $85 (IIRC). I wasn’t able to play for several years and never got my expansion pack or any of the ingame items when it launched.

I already sent in a ticket at Humble Bundle but I’m unsure if they can help me because I didn’t keep the key or electronic receipt even though I thought I had.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

All you need is the email address you used then…

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It doesn’t show up.

What doesn’t show up?

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My Grim Dawn Loyalist purchase. It shows my other purchases except that one. I’ll try using a different email address but I have no faith that’ll fix it.

I’m disabled and have a bit of a weird memory, so it could be the case.

Thanks for taking the time to answer!

Tried the other email address, it didn’t have any games on it.

If you bought the Loyalist pack your GD keys page should somehow look like this on Humble Bundle:

If you just see the basic GD key and cannot claim any other, I can think of these reasons:

  • Your record is missing the correct order information or some data is corrupted, and that needs to be fixed by the Humble Bundle support. From my experience it can take a few days before a new ticket is assigned to an agent, but once they start working on yours, you can expect them to reply quickly.
  • You somehow bought the game twice: 1x only the basic game (which is in your library) and 1x the Loyalist pack (that is missing). As you have ruled out alternative email addresses, if you go to, are there any unclaimed purchases?
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Yeah I don’t even see my basic Grim Dawn. I have it installed on Steam now and can retrieve that key, and should that key go with a Loyalist thing maybe we can figure something out.

If you search your email account for old emails from humble does it bring up the Loyalist purchase?

Shows up in my gmail account just fine when I search for humble loyalist. You might be right about possibly having forgot what you did perhaps with your disability.

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Lmao it only brings up the email notifications for this thread :joy:

Sorry for the delay, but the HB lady found my content. I was logged in with the wrong email address. I have no idea how that happened, and had no idea I had that address in anything recent.

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Huzzah - enjoy the DLCs :slight_smile:

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I immediately went on Steam and picked up Crucible and Forgotten Gods. :point_right::sunglasses::point_right:


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Slow down!

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I was a huge fan of Titan Quest/Immortal Throne back in the day, love y’all’s work.

I haven’t messed with the post-Iron Lore content because why the hell bother.