Redeeming old pre-order key?

Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I assumed this was the most relevant given this thread is in this section: [GUIDE] Instructions for Redeeming Your Keys!.

To get to the point, I pre-ordered the Patron version of Grim Dawn about five and a half years ago through the website, got a game key, and then never did anything with it. I decided that I should actually do something about this and get to actually play the game, but I can’t find anything about redeeming the key. All of my searching yielded guides on how to redeem it through the humble store, but my key was not received through the humble store nor through kickstarter, but through Crate Sales. How do I go about getting the copy of the game that I preordered?

Thanks for your time.

Assuming the key works (not sure if everything got put over to Humble) then:

“8. Go to STEAM
9. “Activate a Product”
10. - Enter KEY + Confirm
11. IN GAME - Go to Kory the Keeper (a Rover) in Devil’s Crossing outside the gate to upper prison, and there will be several dialogue options available.
12. Go through each one to receive your bonus items (note: each item is soulbound!).”

Should work.

Otherwise contact [email protected] and see what they advise.

Unfortunately it’s not a steam key, it’s one of the 16 character game keys. I’ll contact support, thank you.

All keys have since been moved to Humble for distribution. Enter your email into their key resender and you should receive your game key(s).