Reduce Number of Power Buttons For Better Gaming Experience

I love the ideas of main weapon attack proc damages and buffs. This is a good concept for Grim Dawn. However, certain builds require too many power buttons to maximize damages and defense.

I would highly recommend creating a Skill node that can turn some of the skills into a toggle form.

For example: Blood of Dreeg skill can have a separate node to turn this buff into a toggle without the Health % Restored (but still have the Physical Resistance, Health Regen and Offensibility). I find myself constantly reapplying Blood of Dreeg for the sack of keeping up the buffs, but not for the Health % Restored purpose. So why not give us an option to turn some of the temporary buffs into a toggle?

These powers would work:

  1. Blood of Dreeg
  2. Word of Renewal

I am the type of player who wants to keep my active skills under 5 buttons.

crate probably designed those ‘power buttons’ or more accurately temporary buff+instant heal to challenge player whether they want to keep continue buffing themselves as the cd is done, or try to keep the buff on as long as possible while only activating the buff skill for its instant heal in case of danger.

Great thing about this game is that there are numerous options. Numerous options to create builds that keep active skills to under 5 buttons and numerous options to create builds that are like playing a piano.

Yes for sure. I have builds that go as low as 3 abilities on Low CD rotation to as high as 8 abilities on Low CD rotation. Then there are usually 1-2 abilities set aside as situational and/or High CD.

It definitely makes the characters feel different.

As to the Original Poster’s comment. So far I haven’t found a build where I’ve thought there were too many abilities that I wanted but couldn’t keep on my skill bar, but I often come very close with a lot of builds. Usually what i find is that I have skill “bloat” and if I reduce the number of abilities on my rotation the build performs better. This usually allows me to re-focus my skill point distribution as well and that also improves the build.

I think Crate have really done a fantastic job of balancing the character designs in this way as it forces the player to make meaningful trade-offs.

I haven’t made a lot of caster heavy builds yet so I’m a little worried I may run into this issue.


Actually, they have given you the option to do so when they provided the mod tools for the game. I understand this may not be what you want to hear but these skills…

  • You can also add the Nightblade skill Pneumatic Burst to this list

…these skills provide burst healing along with all their other benefits and this is the reason why Crate will not be making these skills into toggles. A toggle skill cannot provide this -much needed- functionality.