reduction in poison damage

I looked through the forum and didn’t see an answer.

If I have dryad and aeon’s hourglass, will I have 45% reduction to poison duration (both added) or 25% (the better of the two)?

I’m guessing 25% but I never know unless I ask.

It’s additive as far as I know, so it’s value1 + value2 (don’t remember the values of these).

Thanks, I see dryad has two means of reducing poison, so it wouldn’t make sense if it just picked the better.

So it would seem that you’d be immune to poison if you had dryad, obelisk and aeon’s hourglass as that would put you at almost 140% reduction.

Maybe it is multiplicative, but additive would be nicer.

Stone form and Dryads 2nd reduction (the proc) needs to be up at the same time though