reflect damages frustration

Maybe it is just me but i don’t count how many times i died for the reflect damages by captain skeleton.

They deal too much damages , i understand reflect dangerouness from hero and spine aura but come on captain skeleton are pure crap and they take your hp under earth .

I feel now oblige to take owl constellation to have the the - 15% reduction in reflect .

They need to be nerved in my opinion.

Reflect is fine

and you posted in the wrong section

Moved thread - do have high resistances for your own damage types?

Sorry but it is not for me i haven’t op characters that can’t walk on grim dawn without a scratch.

I have several type of damages so it’s kind hard to provide good resistances .

Try this it’s newbie friendly and plays safe

Use it to farm for items and then go crazy!!

Reflection needs resistances to tackle, which should be easy to get using faction gear, components and augments

I hate shields but thanx for the advice on the faction :slight_smile:

Though i haven’t mentionned i was a newbie and just mentionned a specific thing that bothers me but whatever:)

No experienced player would complain about reflection except for maybe when they crit themselves on Fabius’ Blade Barrier or were playing IT build. So i figured it out from that

Reflect is hard at first, but you get used to it

Another tip watch out for the shield sign atop your enemy’s heads (Broken Shield means their resistances have been reduced, White glowing shield means they have reflect aura active)