Refunding Mastery Points

It feels pretty restrictive that, amidst all the things that you CAN refund in this game, through iron bits or rare consumable drops, that you cannot take points out of a Mastery’s advancement track.

Similar to putting points into Physique/Cunning/Spirit, I as a player almost feel punished for doing anything other than hoarding my points and only spending them when I am absolutely, 100%, triple-checked my math sure that I want to spend the point; since if I DID mess up there’s no way in hell to refund that purchase.

I’m not asking it to be as easy as talking to the Spirit Guide and coughing up a few iron bits, but some way, any way in the game to take skill points out of your mastery if you decide you didn’t want to spend them there would be incredibly appreciated.

I just wrote a paragraph on how it’s by design to prevent people from changing their Masteries later in the game, then I reread your point about not making it as easy as respecing at the Spirit Guide.

Well I think a possible solution would be to allow the player to retract the last x Mastery points at the Spirit Guide (e.g. x = 5). That way you could go back one section in the advancement bar but not more.

Would that be what you had in mind?