[REL] Grimarillion v80

What version are you using? And are you sure it’s the healing rod? Can you post an image cause it looks ok in my game…

What quest is this? Not sure it’s something I can fix but I don’t remember having issues with the Homestead quests.

Interesting. Idk how many items D3 has but GQ has almost 300 uniques atm I think. No mythical or empowered items yet, at this rate I’m gonna say probably never gonna have them either.

I’m not sure what you’re asking but if you’re asking for a way to make the lootsystem know what mastery you have, no it’s not possible.

AFAIK the chests follow the same rules as enemies, but I couldn’t really tell you exactly what kind of black magic goes on in the loot calculations.

Due to how loot is setup in GD (not something I can change really) loot that drops will drop as close to your level as possible. That said, I think there exists a mechanic where duplicated recipes cannot drop, and if a blueprint were to drop, it would drop another instead.

It was this one.


Since you need to find the note to be able to use dynamite to open the cave I wasn’t able to do this. Checked all the buildings several times to make sure I’d opened everything possible and also cleared the whole area.

I did not find it at first either. However I went to the house that had the other note pedestal with a backyard (where you get mobbed by aetherials) and the corpse was there. It is usually in a different place for me…
Hope that helps…

I have the most updated version number 60d.

I’ve heard somewhere that chests are tied to area level, in that even if enemies scale to your level, the chests would be giving out loot that’s appropriate to what the enemies would be in vanilla Grim Dawn. That would explain why people are not getting any good items out of Exalted Stashes if they are at a high level in an early Act area.

ungrim v60b - Roland’s Legacy set and Chthonic Seals of Binding are both dropping like rain. Haven’t seen any other mastery specific sets so far. My Guardian of the Elements is enjoying using the set though. :smiley:

Ok I am basically at Logo on Elite and have not seen a D3 item drop once. Except from Ungoviax the spider you need to kill for Pine barrens Black Legion quest. That spider always drops a Witch Doctor 1 hand and it seems it is always at low level too. Wow 300 items and then on top of that D3 items…

Chests seem to be tied as stated already in this thread to the level of vanilla area. So I pretty much am level 100 and still getting the mid level range items from shrines chests and containers. Also I fought the Hive Queen and she was capped at 79 and also dropped a Empowered shield and so did here guards. And the Almagamation in Gruesome harvest is also capped at 79 and I think dropped some empowered item.

As far as loot table/drop I was asking 2 questions. the mastery one which you answered which is too bad since that would be a great way to drop loot. The other is how does the game decide if a epic/legendary is going to drop? As in does it roll to see if one will drop and then go through a list in the loot table and generate an item from that table? Or do specific enemies drop certain types of epics/legendaries? What I was saying is if possible since there is no way to mastery check could 1 item from each overhaul Mod (D3, GQ) + Vanilla drop every time an epic/legendary does drop?

Overall now playing this almost complete through Elite I can say Loot is a major issue. IN fact even with the increased drops I think Grimmest or Cornu has the combination of all the loot tables seems to have a negative affect on drops in general (for Vanilla, D3 and GQ) GQ items drop often enough for Green but for Epic it feels like I would need to play through so many times just to feel a pinch of progression. And since we are all going to Ultimate the gear is needed for progress. Especially with this mob density.

My suggestion is that loot is seriously looked at for the compilation (maybe I can help in some way)
this Mod has a very innovative way of dealing with loots:

It drops a chest which has new tables and loots for new mastery. I think this could be done with GQ and especially D3. The D3 chest could be called horadric cache or something. This way if they are separate then each mod developer can distribute loot for their mod and players can ignore the chest completely if they don’t care about that loot. And Vanilla loots are left as is.
Overall something should be though about since even with that incredible mob density I am sitting at end of act 4 on elite and at level 100 for most of that with pretty much only about 20% more items in my bank if that. Meaning the mob density is not returning anywhere near the amount of items it should be and it will take me a very long time to obtain any significant set or legendary type gear from either GQ or D3. I can not see myself being able to survive very well in Ultimate without new gears for my D3 toon since Elite has dropped zilch and my playthrough on Normal Veteran returned pretty much the exact same 12 or so items over and over and over again. Without having some way to segregate the loot drops and make sure drops for each of the overhauls show up and do not compete for RNG then the mob density is rendered fairly pointless because of the vast amount of new gears.

Another question: Does ungrim remove all mob density or just the trash mobs? At this point aside from the density of bosses the density of the trash is a complete head ache and requires so much more time for clearing.
If not is there a way to adjust mob density down but keep the boss density up? Only reason I do the boss density is because of the greater chance of drops.
Is this compilation open source?

So until now the only item I get from the D3-Items is the Hellcat belt, but haven’t seen other items. Also atm I’m playing an Thunder Guide (Elementalist + Storm) and I was wondering if it’s just a bug or intendet that Storm Nimbus (Storm) doesn’t effect Chain Lightning (Elementalist) in any way. No dmg increase. Same with Arctic Shell (Storm) and Lightning Affinity (Elementalist).
Could someone tell me if it’s inteded so or if this is even the right thread to post it? Thx in advance

Edit: The Cracked Loadstone component discription says: “used in all weapons, shields and caster-offhands”, but i can also user it in rings and amulets.

I am not sure about first question but the second about the component that is either an addition in Cornu or Grimm I believe. All weapon components can be applied to rings /amulets. However it seems they did not change the text descrips for them.

Hm, strange. Maybe it just needs a rebuild. When I release v60e, hopefully it will be fixed. I didn’t change anything but it was working fine when I checked last night. Black magic bugs.

It affects Chain Lightning as it’s intended to. It works just like every single other damage buff does.

There is no version of ungrim available atm.

The mod is not open source.

Bummer on the not open part. I wanted to tinker and change a bit (density and devotions and loot drop rates.)

Once you get regular grimar dialed in will you release ungrim again? Does Ungrim reduce all density or just trash mob density?

Thanks for the work. Looking forward to e

I know it has come up before but the loot drops are majorly screwed up.

Just played for 2 hours. Got a full inventory of spears and mojo off-hands. The set items are WAY skewed towards Roland’s Legacy and vanilla items are nowhere to be found.

Also, the spears that are dropping equip backwards and you attack by stabbing people with the butt end.

Gone from level 1 to level 42 with 0 vanilla two handers, guns etc. Everything appears to be from whatever mod drops the Roland’s set, spears and mojo off-hands. At first I thought it was D3 but I’m not too sure.

Whatever the case is. Regardless of who is touching the files there is something up with loot drops.

Grimmarillion is the only mod in my mod folder, by the way.

The only way I checked it was checking the tooltip dps and I had no increase when activating Storm Nimbus. Will check again when back from work. First tought it could not work, bc it’s about “Attacks” and Chain Lightning is a Spell but I also trigger Spells from items that have like “5% chance on attack”.

I think the next updates should have loots better. I keep hearing how people see no items from Vanilla. That is so strange since I have played through normal vet and elite and found a good amount of vanilla items. My problem is the D3 loots drop the same items and on elite there was 0 D3 loots. I see the spears as almost a separate drop with vanilla. Like green spears usually and then epic and purple staves.

Loot still needs work of course because its 3 different overhauls together. I would love to see 1 epic/legendary to drop from each overhaul each time a epic/legendary drops. Because with the merging of all these and if all 3 overhauls will compete for drop space then it could take quite a long time to get items for vanilla D3 or GQ.

I think it will get worked out in some cool way. Until then my D3 holy Hunter waits =)

Battle rage, crushing blow and counter-attack still have their max level as 16 instead of 22 :undecided:

Just going to bump in to say one thing.

Asylum took this on because I had abandoned it. What is happening right now seems really unfair to me.

I will resume this, but when I am ready. For now, try to be really nice or else you might just end up causing Asylum to abandon it too.

The timeline for me is

  1. Playtest FG
  2. Update/Fix/MakeNew Grimmest
  3. Get Grimarillion back together

So, as you might see, it is a long way off if it falls to me.

I will try to help Asylum figure out what might be going wrong with the merger soon. But understand, this is a non-paid hobby and there are lots of other GD related things going on atm. In addition, the loot system in this game is completely bonkers to understand and debug.

When I was looking at GDStash to see what sort of items were out there, I saw that some items had duplicates and the Healing Rod was one of them. It’s entirely possible that the one you’re looking at was the one that was fixed and the one I am equipping was the one that was not fixed. I am not sure why some of the items are duplicates, but that could explain the discrepancy. If this ends up being the case, maybe one of the duplicates can be turned into an Empowered/Mythical version, but I know I’m asking a lot as is and I’m sure you have many other priorities in front of you.

If RunicNomad is willing and ASYLUM approves, I think the Cataclysm-style loot orbs that RunicNomad was alluding to previously would be a great addition - it would definitely help with reducing some of the loot-craziness that comes with trying to get loot tables for 3 different Mastery types (GQ, D3, and Zenith).

A short bug report for the latest version:


  • Mark of the traveler doesnt drop (0 of them in about 50 hours)


  • Black pearl pendant - whether you click on ring or amulet, you always craft an amulet
  • I have a strong feeling there were Zeninth and GQ mutations for various relics, they are not there any more


  • Spears cannot be augmented
  • Spears are held backwards :slight_smile:

Zenith classes (i know mod is not being developed, not sure if its not even being maintained, so just for the record)

  • a lots of damage conversion skills do not work. Rift Multifrequency doesnt do anything, there is skill in Rift with 37% aether to pierce which doesnt do anything, Rift cross class skill with 100% lighting to chaos doesnt do anything. But eg. Necro Unadulterated power 15% phys to chaos works fine
  • Necro Primordial transfer claims to have 6m AoE, but its a single target skill

Ahh I see. I am new to the community so I was not aware this was handed off and someone has picked it up and was trying to get it updated. I appreciate that. If I can help in any way I would like to. This is a solid compilation mod.
Again I definitely appreciate the work done now and the work that has been done. And apologies if anything I have put out there has come across disrespectful. If you wanna delegate grunt work to make the job easier getting it all dialed in and good to go I am willing.
Heres to hoping the new expansions QoL will be for the modding as well… haha
Thanks again!!

I do think this could be a great solution to getting this stuff separate but combined. I do not know how much of the loot rng is available to look at. If all overhauls had their tables separated and then cleaned it would be easier to debug too. However I could just be rambling here and they are already separate. When I saw Cata mysterious locker it seemed such a great solution to adding in new loots while maintaining Vanilla tables.
Thanks for all the work and as stated above if there is grunt work cleaning editing stuff to make the job easier I would be willing start off with that.

A propos Marks :slight_smile: