[REL] Grimarillion v90d

New thread to keep the OP updated instead of relying on moderators to fix things for me. :rolleyes:
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As always, backup your characters if they matter to you when testing new versions.
Grimarillion is the version with Grimmest included, Ungrim means grimmest is not included. (this is a feature of older versions, newer version don’t need Ungrim)


*Open the zip file
*drag and drop the contents (it should be a grimarillion folder) right into your grim dawn/mods directory
*When prompted, confirm to overwrite files. (It will give a new database and text file)

Final Version for AOM is v64a. v64b/c contain changes meant for FG and may not work as intended. If 64a doesn’t work, go back a version until you find a working version. Make sure the folder name is “Grimarillion”, anything else will give you errors.

Old Versions

v90b MEGA
v90 MEGA
v89 MEGA
v88a MEGA
v87b hotfix (requires v87a to be installed beforehand)MEGA
v87a MEGA
v87 MEGA
v86a MEGA
v86 MEGA
v85a MEGA
v77d MEGA
v77a MEGA
v75a MEGA
v75 MEGA
v74a MEGA

v74 MEGAv73c (requires v73, v73a, and v73b)MEGA
v73b (requires v73 and v73a)MEGA
v73a (requires v73)MEGA
v72 MEGA
v71 MEGA
v71a MEGA
(you need both, install v71 and then v71a)
v70a MEGA
v70 MEGA
(you need both)
v69a MEGA
v69 MEGA
v68a MEGA
v68 MEGA
v67a MEGA (install this after installing v67)
v67 MEGA
v66d MEGA
script update: Crate Entertainment Forum - Official Crate Community (you need both for proper usage)
v66c MEGA (you need 66c+fix)
v66c fix MEGA
v66b - MEGA
66a - MEGA
66 - MEGA
65 - MEGA
64e (standalone, doesn’t require 64a, use this one!)
Grimarillion 64e:MEGA
Ungrim 64e:MEGA
Grimarillion64e (requires 64a to be installed first):MEGA
Ungrim64e (requires 64a to be installed first):MEGA
Grimarillion 64a (standalone):MEGA
Ungrim 64a (standalone):MEGA
64d (requires 64a and 64b, 64c not required)
64c (requires 64a and 64b)
64b (requires 64a)
Grimarillion 64 (standalone):MEGA
Ungrim 64 (standalone):MEGA
Grimarillion 63c: (requires Grimarillion 63b)MEGA
Grimarillion 63b: MEGA
Ungrim 63c: (requires Ungrim 63b)MEGA
Ungrim 63b:MEGA
Grimarillion 63a: MEGA
Ungrim 63a: MEGA
Grimarillion v63:MEGA
Ungrim v63:MEGA
Grimarillion 62a: MEGA
Ungrim 62a: MEGA
Ungrim v62 MEGA
Grimarillion_v61: MEGA
Grimarillion_v61a (requires Grimarillion v61): MEGA
Ungrim_v61: MEGA
Ungrim_v61a (requires Ungrim v61): https://mega.nz/#!OEUxRSLS!NuHUauCzXVougCzimE4U-T6xK5dswpuZpXozun08Ck8
Grimarillion_v60d: https://mega.nz/#!KElFFRSa!WSh5nFECAvPiXjWk-FidbjebR6Lq7zgFRNHRp1DJq5Q
Grimarillion_v60c: https://mega.nz/#!jR003YJZ!oNlHPbS3n3fIbAZlKWhb6vbUh692UhEGvhcZRchYoew [/s]

Useful Links

Grimarillion Pet Build Guide by thepowerofmediocrity
Grimarillion Build Showcase thread started by thepowerofmediocrity
Grimarillion Item Color Coding File by Matougi
Grimarillion Grim UI Titan Theme
Grimarillion and Dawn of Masteries Discord
Grimarillion Class Combos
Grimarillion Zenith Crafting Info
Grimarillion Shattered Affixes Crafting Info


Grimarillion Credits

Cornucopia | adoomgod | Ceno (outdated, no longer included in Grimarillion)

Grim Quest | ASYLUM101

Zenith | Ceno

People are Lazy | Elfe (outdated, no longer included in Grimarillion)

Diablo3 | Grimer

Grimmest | jiaco

Rainbow Tags for Grimarillion | Matougi | Warebare

Hairstylist | Mendez42 | ASYLUM101

Shattered Affixes | okami29

Stasher | tt300

Journal Multi-page and Section Numbers | lornlynx

Faction Goods Info | lornlynx

Reskill | Ceno

Personal Hideout | Van_Houck

Grim UI | JMD

Grim Armory / Augury | Ceno

Priest Mastery | Grimer

Darkest Dawn Reborn | Bane and Kir4 aka T3ndo

Special Thanks to mamba for his help with Grimmest adjustments, Reskill updates, and various reports over the years.
Special Thanks to Serious_Stan for his help with the Grim Quest Obsolete Item script and all the scripting help he’s given me.


What this means precisely is that we start the additional masteries and items from Grim Quest (Titan Quest Masteries), Diablo 3 (precisely what it sounds like), and Zenith (an original mastery mod). Then we also add in the enhanced spawns from Grimmest and the ability to Autopickup components and crafting materials (PeopleAreLazy), the increased stash size from tt300’s Stasher mod, the hairstyle options from Mendez42’s Hairstyles mod and the Shattered Affixes from okami29. Together, we have a small collection of mods all integrated into a single mod. Each individual mod is 99.99% preserved. All save games made in Grimarillion should remain future compatible. If you want to play GrimQuest + Grimmest, you can play Grimarillion. If you want to play Zenith + Grimmest, you can play Grimarillion. You do not need all these mods separately. Just download and play Grimarillion, and we will keep this union-mod updated as the individual pieces get released.

(here is an older version of the mastery select UI)


Regarding Stasher mod, if you play on low resolutions, you might not be able to see the entire stash. Try changing the ingame UI Scale to fix this. If you use the stasher mod and place items in the larger UI geometry, and then attempt to use this stash without the stasher mod, you will loose the items. IT IS POSSIBLE TO LOSE YOUR STUFF IF YOU MESS UP. There will be a period of time after game updates where you might not be able to access your stash as you wait for the mod to update.


Extract the .7z archive somewhere. This will normally result in the following subfolder structure:


or for UNGRIM


Move or copy the Grimarillion folder, without the version number, contained within to the ‘mods’ folder. Go ahead and create this folder first if it does not already exist in the installation directory for Grim Dawn.
For Steam the results should look like:

Steam/steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/mods/grimarillion/database
Steam/steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/mods/grimarillion/resources

When in game, and selecting from the Custom maps menu, if you do not see “grimarillion ~ World001.map” then something is not right, no need to play until you see “grimarillion ~ World001.map”.

Hopefully this animated gif can help if you are not sure or have problems:

Bug Reports

If you have a bug regarding a mastery, an item, or whatever, feel free to report here or on the official Grim Dawn Discord’s mod channel. If you report it here, or there, make sure to document as much as you can about the bug. Before you post any bugs, make absolutely sure you are on the latest version of Grimarillion and you have the latest version of Grim Dawn with Ashes of Malmouth+Forgotten Gods.

  • If you have a bug with a D3 item or mastery, tag @ Grimer or @ okami29 (without the space as I put)
  • If you have a bug for Zenith masteries, report it to @ Ceno.
  • If you have a bug with Hairstyles, report it it to @ Mendez42.
  • If you have a bug with Shattered Affixes, report it to @ okami29.
  • If you have a bug with Grimmest, report it to @ jiaco, or @ ASYLUM101. I’ve been maintaining grimarillion so I have done a few tweaks, so any bugs could be my doing.
  • If you have a bug with the stasher, report it to @ tt300, or @ ASYLUM101, since Grimarillion has a modified version of Stasher it could be my fault it is bugged.
  • If you have a bug with the RAINBOW mod, report it to @ Matougi.
  • If you have a bug for Grim Quest stuff, or anything not listed above, report it to @ ASYLUM101

Preferably, whatever is “bugged” try to make it well known what you are reporting. For example, if an enemy isn’t animated (T-Pose), post an image that clearly shows the name of an enemy and the weapons held by an enemy.

If you have a bugged tooltip on an item showing invalid skill or something, please post the item name exactly, or post an image.


We do not expect them because we do this for our own enjoyment. Each modder may or may not have a paypal link on their individual mod’s thread. If you want to donate, feel free to check the above links for each modder.




You can see the updates since version 60d here (my public trello link):

or here (thanks matougi) :

Grimarillion Changelog History

| v90 | v90a | v90b | v90c | v90d |

| v89 |

| v88 | v88a |

| v87 | v87a | v87b | v87c |

| v86 |

| v85a |

| v85 |

| v84 |

| v83 |

| v82 |

| v81 |

| v80 | v80a|

| v79 | v79a |

| v78 |

| v77 | v77a | v77b |

| v77c | v77d

| v76

| v75 | v75a | v75b |

| v74 | v74a |

| v73 | v73a | v73b | v73c |

| v72 |

| v71 | v71a|

| v70| v70a|

| v69 | v69a |

| v68 | v68a |

| v67 | v67a |

| v66 | v66a | v66b | v66c | v66d |

| v65 |

| v64 | v64a | v64b | v64c | v64d | v64e |

| v63 | v63a | v63b | v63c |

| v62 | v62a |

| v61 | v61a | v61b |

| v60d |


Holy mother of Korvaak, this is certainly one of the best updates I’ve ever seen. Thanks a lot for Warfare changes and Zenith-affixed items!

I think your Script-fu messed with regular components as well… Just updated and now I have large stacks of base-level component pieces, rather than the completed components themselves.

I don’t think so, I didn’t modify the auto pickup script that was originally used at all. Just added some new directories/items for d3gems to be supported by it. What version were you using before? Were you using the one where partial components were removed by mistake? If so… that might be your issue. Regardless of what your issue is, it’s working fine for me. I’ve checked several old characters (from like grimar 30-40) and still have inventories chock-full of completed components.

Very strange. I’ve been keeping up to date - follow these threads regularly.

If I notice anything else I’ll report, otherwise I’ll assume it was something on my end.

Otherwise, great job as usual!

I am so happy you have kept this mod alive, I will just go ahead and stick your thread.
Thanks again Asylum.

Thanks for update. I noticed that Crosscut/Tumult/Hew/War dance/Battle rage still have their old description, though they work fine with 1h+shield and 2h (but dependancy on dual-wield passive to unlock WPS sucks :undecided:). Also, Satyr still missing GQ/ZE variants of vanilla legendaries and i really miss craftable GQ/Ze 2handers…

Yeah, if you run into any other funny business then definitely keep me updated, as I said there shouldn’t be anything going on.

Thanks for the sticky.

Could have sworn I updated the tags for the WPS. Guess I forgot to build the changed tags. I’ll change the prerequisites on the WPS as well.

Great, ty :slight_smile: ̶B̶t̶w̶,̶ ̶w̶h̶y̶ ̶w̶a̶r̶ ̶d̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶2̶ ̶s̶e̶c̶ ̶c̶d̶?̶ ̶O̶r̶ ̶d̶o̶e̶s̶ ̶u̶p̶h̶e̶a̶v̶a̶l̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶a̶m̶e̶ ̶c̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶h̶i̶d̶d̶e̶n̶?̶ :eek:
Edit: haha, i was wrong, war dance works on every crit without waiting for any cooldowns :smiley:

It was a test, iirc the cd does nothing.

Yup, i tested it on dummy and monsters, no cd at all :slight_smile:

I was long time playing versions older than 0.6 ,so I got 2 questions:
1.Are gems freshly added? I haven’t spotted them in the past ,but also I haven’t red anything about them in changelog :slight_smile:
2.Was there any big change in the balance? Not ungrimmed version is running much more smoothly than in the past :slight_smile:

BTW is there any chance for runemaster mastery or some soulvizier features to be included? From Soulvizier mostly I wish soul system ,It was really satisfacting when boss have dropped a soul :slight_smile:

Also I miss bows ,but I know that already all slots for weapons are occupied,maybe with the newest dlc it will be possible :slight_smile:

And last,but not least ,respect for team!

If you mean to say you PC can handle Grimmest better than before, then give the developers kudos for that, as nothing has been done with Grimmest since AoM compatibility.

I mean balance ,not performence, I never had any problem with performence,when playing Grimarillion

when you see “added the D3 mod 2.x update” in the changelog, they’re included on it.

Yes, added in july. When you see “added the D3 mod 2.x update” in the changelog, they’re included on it.

Thanks for updating Grimarillion. I had been playing the UNGRIM version for a while so I feel like I came to hell.

Here is an item color coding file for Grimarillion which added items of Grim Quest and Diablo 3 to Item Filter of WareBare. Set items may not be completely covered.

How to use:

  1. Do not unzip this file, just put it in the Steam/steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/localization folder (if there is no localization folder, make it).

  2. Start the GD, open the main menu options, and pick “Colorful Grimaril” of “Language”.

and start the game.

To return to the original, just choose “English (US)” in the language setting.

Use this file for Grimarillion v60d.
And this for v61b.
And this for v62a.
And this for v63a.
And this for v66d.

Wow, nice. Thank you so much for sharing.

Hi there. First off thank you very much for such a comprehensive mod. It is really fantastic and brings a lot of new combos and options with all the different mods altogether.

I have a question about altering somethings myself.
Is it possible to fairly easily increase the devotion cap?
Is there a way to increase the radius for autopickup?
I want to know if this is something I can just add in some values to the already existing mod and it will work?

thanks for all the work and this awesome compilation unification++ mod