Build Compendium for Mods

Grim League :link:

Pet Cemetery Pets Cabalist Maya
Fluffy Squishy
Pets Conjurer Maya
boO Pets Ritualist Maya

Dawn of Masteries :link:

Grimarillion :link:

Cornucopia :link:

HC Cadence Pierce Blademaster Weyu

Got a compendium of our own on the grimarillion/dom discord with some builds you missed.

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Thanks. Seems I didn’t miss any with a forum thread. I’m gonna limit the list to such builds.
But I’ll make a separate entry for your spreadsheet as it’s very useful and for those who’d like to search for more builds.

The intention of this compendium is to encourage people to make forum build guides and to highlight those that already exist.
My main interest is Grim League but I won’t neglect other mods.

Any formatting tips are welcome.

First Grim League build:

Fluffy Squishy Pets Conjurer Maya
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Submitting another one -

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Another one -

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Cabalist to round off the 3 pet classes -

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