Grim Dawn Community League Season 4 - Release Date

Grim Dawn Community League Season 4 will begin September 17th at 11 A.M. Eastern Standard Time.

Grim Dawn League is a community based season driven by a small group of programmers, modders, and enthusiasts, to produce a point based competitive ladder where everyone will start fresh.
Grim Dawn Season 4 is fully automated and will use our proprietary launcher to track your seasonal progression. Two ladders are avialable: HCSSF and SC-Trade.
Players can acquire points for completing feats throughout this season, ranging from leveling challenges to end-game challenges.
Scorecard will be made available on the respective player profile at
Top three players in each ladder will receive prizes at the end of the season.

Grim Dawn League mod is very vanilla at heart, however, it introduces new areas, items, bosses, music and more numbers below:

Everyone can signup on the official website, linked below.
If you created an account last season, then you are all good, just have to remember that password :smiley: .

The mod will be available for play outside the launcher, for those not wishing to compete on the ladders!
Stay tuned here or join the discord for further updates & reveals as we near release!

Official Website:

Official Discord: Here

Mod Creation: @RektbyProtoss @Serious_Stan @Van_Houck
Website & Launcher: GroundZero MrMonday
Writting: @Armored-Otter Scrabuwu
Music: Touma
Testing: Eluminator Fromangee


When will the Season 4 come to the actual game which is Grim Tools?
I want to theorycraft builds with new items you’ve designed :wink:

Maybe in a week or so.

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Check this item preview by RektbyProtoss while we wait for Grim Tools.
For example there’s a 2h mace that allows using Aegis of Menhir with it or in other words throwing this mace as if it was a shield.
Or Retal Panetti.


Official Community League Trailer:

Official Community League Feature Showcase:


Amazing! Thank you for all the work and energy you and your team put into this great game! You are a inspiration for all modders! Just wanted to mention this :smiley: HF

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Great ! Can’t wait to participate!

Wish I could send kids for 2 months vacation at the season time :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks amazing for a community mod.
Never played a mod for GD but this time I join the ranks.

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Can you play the mod without participating in the season? just to experience the mod without scores or anything

Yes you can

Grimtools Support for season 4 available now!

To quote Dammit:
“GT will be supported for Season 4, it will include item and monster databases, build calculator and world map. Currently only item database and build calculator are available, the rest of the tools will be made public when Season 4 starts.”

Item Database: Grim Dawn Item Database (GD League Season 4 Mod)
Build Calculator: Grim Dawn Build Calculator (GD League Season 4 Mod)



Glad you’ve made Acid PS a thing. No need to 1) mod the visuals, 2) GDStash fantasy Acid Storm Halberd and 3) perfectly rolled WD conduit and Dunefiend’s pieces like I once did.

I need to make some illusion with Frigid Flame Basinet, the one you had in the trailer looked really cool already. Duchy (forum RIP) would love those Olexra’s modifiers.

Retal Panetti supertank idea is enticing to me.

Good idea with new Default Attack Replacers granted by these Calla-like helmets. The ones already in the game are relatively weak and their usage is limited.

  :thinking: Seems it’s only usable by the GODS.

I’d also like to try some DoT Aegis builds with the skull and the 2h mace.

PS That weird large Shield (which I checked to be a 2h Mace) is nowhere to be found in the database. Suspicious.

Yea one of the worst launches I been part off.
Unplayable atm

Hi, how can i play the mod without participating in any leagues? Also can it be played with grim utils ?

hope that the fourth season will release a Mod version that can be played alone, just like the third season.

Anyway, I can’t find a place to download Season 4. :worried:

Yeah, start was bumpy.
But that is the nature of the beast. Way stable now though :slight_smile:

@Warplord @tt300
Will get an offile version going once hot fixes has slowed down, prob around next weekend.


For League players, this is another than Advanced Search way to search for something amongst League items in Grim Tools:

/acid damage converted to[\s\S]*league/

/     / → enables regex
acid damage converted to → this is what I search for here
[\s\S]* → this represents every possible sequence of characters
league → this is so that only League items are displayed

You can also narrow it down to items of levels 80+:

/acid damage converted to[\s\S]*player level: [8-9][0-9][\s\S]*league/

Not sure how many use Regex in Grim Tools but I prefer it over Advanced Search most of the time.
Gives more flexibility.

Hello, i’m having an issue, these 2 riftgates aren’t activating. I’m very new to game, basically first character, trying out the Season 4 I saw. I have another character level 40 something that was made years ago, checked him and has these riftgates active. So idk if I did something wrong. I’ve cleared all monsters around, pretty far out too. Watched a video and I think the Burrwitch gate should have some sort of event tied to it? It didnt happen when I approached it first time. Anyway I could get some help with this?

“Season 4” is a user made mod and such issues shouldn’t be reported to Crate.

Grim Dawn Community League Season 4 - Release Date

Reporting Grim Dawn Bugs (Please Read)

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