Reporting Grim Dawn Bugs (Please Read)

Hello! If you are reading this, odds are you want to help us squash some bugs.

To facilitate this process on both ends, we have prepared a handy list of steps to follow on your journey to bug report-hood.

1. Existing Bug Threads
Has your issue already been reported? Take a quick look around the bug report forum. It’s possible someone else may have already discovered this problem. If you find an existing thread but have additional information that may help us track the bug down and fix it, then please reply to that thread rather than creating a new one.

Please do not bump bug threads. We read everything.

2. Posting a New Bug
When posting a bug, please include the build number in your title. You will find the build number in the lower right of the main menu.

Please be descriptive in your title. “Some bugs” is not descriptive.

Ex: “On attack skill doesn’t trigger on Lightning Rod - V1.1.3.0”

Whenever possible, please post separate bugs in separate threads. If it is a collection of minor/related issues, it is fine to post them together.

If you are experiencing graphical, hardware or crash related issues, please provide your dxdiag with the bug report (see below for how to generate this file).

Include as much information as possible in your bug description. Where applicable, include screen captures and repro rates.

Note that we will not be able to respond to every bug report thread. We are a small team focused on resolving old issues while also bringing you new content to enjoy. Because of this, we generally only post when we require additional information or if we have important information that we need to share. Rest assured that we are checking bug reports and that pertinent info is forwarded to the person most capable of handling the problem. Please note however that not all issues are created equal and their priority will vary.

Please note that while we are happy to resolve bugs that may come up for the modding tools, we cannot provide support for issues that may arise from player-created modifications or utilities. Similarly, Crate Support will not answer questions about the functionality or implementation of mods.

Note: off-topic discussion may be deleted. In some cases, we will close bug reports if they are not bugs or if they have been fixed. Periodically, outdated bug report threads may be purged.

Thank you for your help in making Grim Dawn the best gaming experience it can be! :smiley:

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Graphics Bugs/Glitches

If you are reporting graphical bugs or glitches then please post up a DXDiag log along with screenshots of the issue.

  • It’s okay to upload a screenshot to an image sharing service for the purpose of bug reporting.

To generate a DXDiag log, hit Start and type “dxdiag” in the search programs and files box, followed by enter. Hit the button that says “Save All Information…”, save the file and attach it to your post.

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