Grimarillion v77d - Petmancer Summoner Build (The only thing they fear is the Core Dweller)

That’s true that when comes to dealing fire damage and burning enemies to ashes, the Summoner class is one of the best casters in the Grimarillion mode. However, it pales in comparison with the might of the Core Dweller. And if the Core Dweller is so good then two of them will demolish everything on your way!



Attribute points: 77 into Physique, 30 into Spirit.

Legendary items from the mod: all items from the set “Divine Helios’s Radiance”, Divine Staff of Elysium, Divine Ring of Gaia, Divine Celestial Band, Divine Druid’s Totem, Divine Demeter’s Sacred Leaves.
Relic: Sigil of Bast.
Augments: 3 Kingsguard Powder, 2 Dreeg’s Veilward, 2 Dreeg’s Omen, Potent Bysmiel’s Control, 2 Mender’s Powder, Sylvarria’s Essence, Rune of Displacement.


First tier: Wolverine, Empty Throne, Hawk, Shepherd’s Crook, Raven, Jackal, Eel.
Second tier: Typhos the Jailor of Souls, Magi, Behemoth (only three nodes - two first stars + proc), Solael’s Witchblade.
Third tier: Mogdrogen the Wolf.

Build description

Pair of Core Dwellers (the set “Divine Helios’s Radiance” allows you to summon one more fire elemental) serve as the main source of damage as well as tanks: they have 107k HP and maxed out resistances. I attached to them Magi’s proc so that they may kill foes even quicker.

Kodama is a wonderful helper: that spirit heals your team, restoring 14% of health each two seconds (it makes Core Dwellers unkillable). Its passive abilities also give you and your pets flat damage absorption and health regeneration.

Wolves are the best pets from the Nature mastery: they are tough, they deal lots of damage, they buff other pets with the Strength of the Pack.

Sadly, the Sylvan Nymph is inferior to Wolves, and I do not recommend to use her at all.

Both the Avatar of the Bast and the Sun Nymph support your kill-team with resistance reductions. The Avatar of Bast is also incredibly tough: 123k HP.

About your spells and Devotion procs: Shepherd’s Call is attached to the Rupture, Eldritch Fire is attached to the Plague, Howl of Mogdrogen is attached to the Volcanic Orb.


You are the weakest part of the kill-squad. So, make sure that enemies attack your minions, and do not run into the heat of battle. Use the Pet Attack to provoke enemies, use the Displacement to position yourself. Against dangerous enemies use the Pet Attack to focus your minions on them.

Important: in order to get the highest gain from the RIng of Fire aura, first make sure that bosses attack your minions, then carefully close distance with them.

Core Dwellers are vulnerable to freezing attacks and abilities. However, nothing can kill them while they are frozen: it only delays your victory.

In the Shattered Realm

It was easy to get to the 61st shard (despite the fact that I forgot about the Sun Nymph). I’m pretty sure that the Petmancer Summoner can go even further.

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Looks similar to my build that focuses on wolves instead and uses the full druid set.

Earth+Nature has a lot of options

I know this is an old topic and I’m being a true necro but I have a question about the build, I’m playing GD again after a few years and also, I’m using the Grimarillion mod for the very 1st time, but anyway, here’s my question, what helm, pants and boots did you used in the build ? I’m asking because I don’t see anything about these 3 items in the description.

Doesn’t matter, anything that will help complete your build with what you think is necessary. In the image I think I see fiendflesh boots and fettans mask, not sure what the pants are.

GQ doesn’t have legendary pants/boots, you can craft some from pelanis and hope you get lucky or use other items. Or just use whatever you like.

For helmets, same thing but there’s a few GQ legendaries, nothing specific to this build off the top of my head though

Those are illusions on those items anyway.

Ah…ok, thank you so very much for the answer, I’m gonna craft some stuff and see what happens, cheers.