[Mod] Reskill

Quick disclaimer: NO, this is NOT a mod for respeccing skills/masteries/etc. It’s something completely different.

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Big thanks to mamba for updating the mod to v1.1.8.0 of Grim Dawn!

Ever wanting to expand on build diversity, I had the idea to come up with a mod that allowed players to use any item’s proc regardless of their build. The implementation details escaped me for a few days, but at last, it dawned on me: make components for every item proc in the game, and let players place those components as they willed.

So I did just that:

Video overview of the mod: https://youtu.be/WIbzQufUpY4

How to use

  1. Reach Honored with the Outcast
  2. Obtain 1 Iron Bit
  3. Purchase “Infernus’s Furnace” from the Outcast’s faction vendor (Honored tier)
  4. Use the item (it will be consumed on use)
  5. Talk to the smith that appears.
  6. Lag
  7. Move over to the components tab
  8. Lag
  9. Scroll down to the components, realize you need the base item with its skill and two rare components, as well as 50,000 more Iron Bits
  10. Get that shit
  11. Craft that shit
  12. Realize you need to be level 85 to socket the resulting component into your gear
  13. Do that
  14. ???
  15. Profit


Reskill is released open-sourced and its contents are made to be as mergeable as possible. It uses its own custom-named .arz and .arc files, as well as one text_en.arc that would need to be rebuilt for merging. The mod should have extremely few conflicts with other mods.

Do with it as you wish!

Enjoy! Let me know of any bugs you find, suggestions you have, or amazing proc combinations you come up with! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go farm some Earthsplitters


Looks really great!

I tried something similar just by playing around myself but I mainly added components that grant skills (like Obsidian Tremor), will you stick with procs cuz balance?

Both procs and granted skills should be included in the mod already; that includes Obsidian Tremor’s. :slight_smile:

What are not included are procs/skills from[ul]
[li]Set bonuses[/li]
[li]Other components[/li]

This is sick man, Thank you! Giving this go.

This seems amazing, Ceno. Leave it to you to think of this… And actually make it function. Can’t wait to see what builds come out of it.

This might actually be worth adding IN the game, come to think of it. If the skills/procs are balanced already… Might not upset balance in most cases to allow you to use them with other weapons.

Err…umm…yeah…so that bug I was complaining about in the video/first post was fixed. Released a v02 for the mod already, download link updated.

Mod is now functioning 100% as intended!

Will release the generation script to github soon.

It’s Cool Ceno :cool: !

Will this one integrated with Zenith


At the very least, it’ll be used as a template to build off of for Zenith’s crafting.

Nice idea :wink:

Also a good idea how to get a ‘vendor’ in game, will totally borrow that :smiley:

taking components in GD to the next lvl. I love it!

Fucking awesome. One of the few mods i’d love to try this expansion

Well…after merging this mod with my own mod and playing it with friends for a few hours this mod has quickly became mandatory. Awesome work Ceno!

This mod really expands the game and gives you reason to seek items outside your build that alone makes this mod amazing but it goes even further by granting you access to your favorite procs regardless of gear requirements for your builds and that’s just sexy.

So once again from me and now all my friends, Thank you for this mod! Please keep it up to date with new content! Best mod on here IMO.

Wow, that’s far higher praise than I was expecting so soon (if at all:eek:). Thank you, and glad you and your friends are enjoying the mod!

The generation script will be up on github shortly. With it you can compile the mod for any updates Crate releases (which I’ll of course merge and release with the mod as well) and, with a few tweaks, it should be easily extensible to work with the components of other peoples’ mods as well.

A small update has been released. There is no gameplay change here, there’s just some behind-the-scenes stuff. If you already had Reskill-02, there isn’t especially any reason to upgrade to Reskill-03 (although 03 is a little bit smaller).

With the new version, Reskill’s generation script is now up on github! Find it here: https://github.com/ssauvageau-/GD-Reskill


…why gate the functionality of the mod behind such a strong threshold? Why not make it be accessible at level 10 or so?

I’d have said at the same level as the item it is based on… the script is available so I hope that would not be too hard to change :wink:

mamba, yes, your suggestion is better than mine. I hope Ceno at least enables an option to cause the availability of this mod to characters prior to end-game.

Because I took any opportunity I could in keeping things reasonably balanced without sacrificing any gameplay mechanics. If you can access it at level 10, you could transfer over a Legendary item and then have a Legendary proc very early into the game.

I like this mod as an endgame timesink. The crafting is very expensive (a Legendary item, two rare components, and 50k iron) but the reward makes up for it. If you’re playing the mod self-found, you probably wouldn’t be able to make much use of it until levelcap anyways.

While I initially had it hardcoded into a template file, I’ve edited the code a bit (and pushed the edits to github) to change the level requirements of the components however you like automatically.

I don’t really intend to release multiple versions of the mod. On my end, that’s a lot of tedium to work with, especially if I start encountering bugs.

Hey look, some Kanai in my Grim Dawn. :smiley:

Looks awesome. I’m still happy with the base game for now, but when I do try out mods someday this’ll definitely be near the top of the list. :slight_smile:

Great work, Ceno. :slight_smile: