[Mod] Reskill

Really dope.

Can the script work with Epic weapons as well?

Already does.

The first thing I thought of, was that I could try the beronath reforged conversion with a two hander or a range build!
But overall, it changes everything, I have to re-learn the game from scratch :rolleyes:

This could be game-changing in terms of build diversity, and feed my insatiable hunger for build ideas. Kudos for the awesome work, Ceno !

Tried using the script but getting the following error-

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods\GD-Reskill-master\gd_reskill.py”, line 240, in <module>
File “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods\GD-Reskill-master\gd_reskill.py”, line 216, in main
out.write(entry + “,” + dict_comp[entry] + ",
TypeError: must be str, not int

Also was going to add some items to the dir.txt to extract skills from. Do I just add the custom items to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\database\records\items etc. etc. folder and add the appropriate line to the dir.txt?

Pushed a bugfix for the above to github.

If you want to add custom items - e.g., from another mod - to this process, there are fundamental changes you have to make to the script itself. Those changes are next on my to-do list.

For now, the script will only work with vanilla items properly.

Is this an independent mod or is it part of Cornucopia?


We talked about it a bit and agreed that we will not merge the mod with Cornucopia ourselves. Of course, as both mods are open-sourced, anyone else is free to do so for themselves.

Thanks for the reply

Generation script has been updated to offer GDX1 and Modding support, though I cannot recommend using it until GDX1 releases. I don’t really know how Python handles I/O exceptions due to missing folders and the like.

The mod itself has not been updated at all (for hopefully obvious reasons).

As far as mod support goes, dir.txt has been updated with some custom syntax handling. If you prepend a line with ‘+’, that line will be identified to be read from the GD install directory on and will be scanned for item .dbr’s. If you prepend a line with ‘*’, that line will also be read from the GD install directory but will be scanned for item tag data. Also, you can prepend a line with ‘#’ to ignore that line and continue onwards, if you want to add comments to your dir.txt file or to change up what you’re including in your mod compilations.

Here are some examples:

Initially, dir.txt came with the following contents:


Without a + or a * prepending anything, these lines were simply hardcoded behind the scenes to be scanned properly. The GD installation directory - which I have as C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn - as well as a [b]\database[/b] is automatically added to each one of these lines. The vanilla item tag file was hardcoded as well.

However, now dir.txt comes with some example lines:


Technically these are “commented” out by the '#'s, but if those were to be removed, the first ‘+’ would identify the line to be handled differently from everything else. It will have the GD installation directory added onto it, though it will not contain a leading [b]\database[/b] path. Instead, it will follow through to Cornucopia’s database, eventually getting Cornucopia’s headpieces. The same applies to the next line, led by a ‘*’, though this is appropriately handled to particularly acquire text data from the mod.

Note that tag files specified via the ‘*’ are always handled after the vanilla/GDX tag files, so as to allow for mods to overwrite content as appropriate.

Hopefully this is all clear enough. I haven’t actually tested it at all because I, too, would like to wait until GDX is out prior to compiling any mods based on its contents. :stuck_out_tongue: But do know that updates to GDReskill are surely on the horizon. :slight_smile:

How many item slots can the Proc Falling Skies appear on in this mod. Can already get 3 in Vanilla if you Dual Wield Trozan’s Starkeeper and use Starfury Emerald. Interested in this mod but don’t want to level to 85 and find the proc is same as in Vanilla.
Also how bout the Rain of Fire proc from Earthscorcher.

Thanks to anyone in advance who can answer this for me.

The mod enables any item-based proc to be available on 8 pieces of gear as components, so I guess you’re looking at 11 for Falling Skies and 10 for Rain of Fire?

I’m thinking of changing this a little bit when the xpac comes out in lieu of the xpac components. I’d prefer to see it on 5-6 pieces of gear, tops.

Thank you very much Ceno. I agree 5 or 6 would be better as 10 or 11 falling skies on a Night’s Chill Witch Hunter would be absolutely brutal to the poor critters :slight_smile:

I’ve totally been thinking about something like this. Missing out on 1 permanent pet and least 1 aura on my Conjurer cause the skills are in certain slots. Been wondering if there was a way to move those skills to gear that doesn’t have any and make my conjurer too OP.

This is a really good mod, my dude. I appreciate it.
I wish it was implemented into the vanilla game, and I hope it eventually will be!

Are you kidding me Ceno?? This seems like a great idea! I like that it is still limited by the amounts of slots you can socket them into.
Idea of “extracting” the procs from the items, you are a beast man, a beast.

Are they dropping as blueprints or just available all at once for testing purposes?

Super bump…

Anyway this mod gets updated with the Forgotten Gods expansion?

Also tried using the script with some custom mods (D3, D2, Grimarillion) and it keeps erroring out.

Thanks for bumping, I was going to ask for an update for this. My friends had been asking me for an update to this addon as it’s fused with my own mod since AoM lol. Please and thank you!

Was definitely fun trying crazy combinations out. The mod still works as far as I can tell btw.

It will work but i don’t think you will have anything from fg, don’t think it had everything from aom either.

Hey Asylum, out of curiosity, are there any plans to integrate this into Grimarillion? Really glad to see other players like the mod too, it’s a fantastic idea that just adds more customization options.