[MOD] Faction goods-infos: Faction-pages include detailed infos of reusable goods

What it do:

  • At the bottom the info-page for each faction (when you press J), there are now detailed infos about all the available consumables and all augments!

They not only include the name but also color-coded information about what they do, this means you can check on-the-fly what every faction offers you. This is useful when you are searching for new augments to enchant your stuff and when you need to refill your potions and you forgot who offers them.

Now also shows Nemesis-spawnpoints of the enemy factions:

As you can see, the actual terms are abbreviated and color-coded. It might be unusual to read it first but once you get it I find it even quicker than checking one of the faction-vendors themselves.

Here is the colorcoding I use:
Red: damage
Dark-blue: damage and defense to specific enemies
Violet: H/E Reg or total health and energy and regeneration, also constitution and life-and-energy leach
Yellow: OA/DA Offensive- and Defensive-ability, Spirit, attributes and armor
Green: status effects and other effects, special skills
Light-Blue/turqoise: resistances and reduced effect durations
Grey Pet boni and pets
White: retaliation
Beige: shield

The abbreviations should be understandable I think, otherwise here is a list of most of them:
Dur: Duration
SkRe: Skill-Recharge
Rad: Radius
Ad: Attack-damage
R: Resistance
OA: Offensive Ability
DA: Defensive Ability
SP: Spirit
Const: Constitution
Sp: Speed
AttSp: Attack-speed
ToSp: Total-speed
MoSp: Movement-speed
Ar: Armor
ArAbs: Armor-Absorption
Inc: Increase
Hp: Health
En: Energy
Reg: Regeneration
Red: Reduction
Ret: Retaliation
Petri: Pertify
Confu: Confuse
ShBlCh: Shield-Block-Chance
ShDaBl: Shield-Damage-Blocked
T: Target
ChaT: Chance to hit Target with…
El: Elemental0
Fi: Fire
Brn: Burn
Co: Cold
Frb: Frostburn
Li: Lightning
Elc: Electrocute
Ae: Aether
Ch: Chtonic
Vi: Vitality
ViDec: Vitality-decay
Ph: Physical
Pi: Pierce
Bld: Bleeding
InT: Internal Trauma
Poi: Poison
Ac: Acid

No need to use any actual mods to play the game, you can use it with any old characters.
Download the following file and extract it into your Grim Dawn folder (or alternatively, into your Grim Dawn folder inside your “documents/my games” folder):
factions_goodsinfos.zip (42.5 KB)

If you are using also my “journalnumbers” mod, you can download this file here which includes both together:
factions_goodsinfos_plus_journalnumbers.zip (203.1 KB)

Compatibility-Issues and other notes:
Be aware that the mod is not compatible with any mods that change the same files. If it asks you to overwrite something when extracting, you already have something there which uses the same.

Also the mod is only available for the standard English-version.

If one of these is your issue (such as when you have custom translation files made by the Rainbow-Filter mod), you can edit the files yourself and add the changes I did to them. See which files I added in the zip, these are the ones you need to change in the incompatible mod or translation.
Here is a detailed explanation:
If the “_ui” text-files get overwritten, just open them in a text-editor like Notepad and search for the “#'Faction” line in the files from me, and copy all the lines up until the “#Faction Window” line. Replace the same lines in the files of the other mod you have already installed with these.

If you want to change something like the the color-coding or want to check the data in a better way, you can download this file here:
factiongoods stuff.txt (29.9 KB)
If you use something like notepad++ or like me, sublime-text3, I found the Scala syntax to be very pleasing to watch.
Also, this file might be useful if someone wants to update the Grim-Dawn wikis, as I’ve seen that the inofficial one is very outdated and the official one doesn’t even have any augments…

Nexusmod-page here: https://www.nexusmods.com/grimdawn/mods/84/

13.01.2021 - updated to Translation
18.09.2020 - updated to Translation
07.03.2020 - added enemy faction’s Nemesis-spawnpoints to the faction-infos
28.02.2020 - updated to Translation (addition of Monster shrines)
27.02.2020 - change according to update “Irrah’s Venomtongue: replaced Defensive Ability with 75 Offensive Ability”



  • change according to update “Irrah’s Venomtongue: replaced Defensive Ability with 75 Offensive Ability”


  • updated to Translation (addition of Monster shrines)


Great idea

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Cool but if you could work with who made the rainbow mod for items would be the best to getting work together! :blush:

Don’t you just need to unzip the rainbow mod, add these files to it and zip it again ?

I don’t use rainbow, but it should not be more complex than that.

Check the " Compatibility-Issues and other notes:" section. You can use both mods at the same time with some simply changes. As long as you know how to open a txt file and copy and paste text, you should be able to do it easily.

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Sorry missed dat. My mistake! :blush:

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I’m happy too then :relaxed:

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  • updated to Translation


  • updated to Translation