Quick question about 4 players difficulty custom map

Good day fellow gd players

I come from Titan Quest, and there is a custom map that simulate a 6 players game to play in single player.

That means:


1.monster spawn rate

This mod will spawn 300 percent more monsters during your playthrough;

2.higher level monster

All the monster you encounter will have higher level.(I change the file but not sure it will work)

3.more loot

All the container(ie:bonepile,chest,boss remain etc…) will spawn more item.Just the same amount in a 6-player game.(But this time no one can steal) "

Its there something similar to this in GD? That not look like a cheat. Or some guidance to make one

I dont like to play multiplayer but i like the experience more if that’s make sense

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You could have a look at Grimarillion and Dawn of Masteries mods as they have options to increase the mob/hero spawn density which in turn will increase loot drops.

Monsters in Grim Dawn scale to your level anyway. Some may be equal or lower to you, but that would probably be because you’re overlevelled for the area they’re in.

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Grimmest FG looks what i am looking for. Thank you for your guidance

Not sure that one’s up to date, but it’s part of both the mods I linked.

I made it work, but i dont know if its exactly what i am looking for.
And it comes with bigger stash and components in vendor, i didnt like.
So, i am trying to make my own mod but i dont know the parameters when there is more players in game.
What is the changes of a single player playthrough to a multiplayer 4 players? Does increased players also make loot in general drop more?
For example:
single player spawn density = 4
multiplayer 4 players density = 4 x 2

single player warden krieg drop = 4~6 rare, 1 infrequent
multiplayer with 4 players warden krieg drop = 8~10 rare, 2 infrequent

Also, in TQ i remember that in 6 players, monsters, hero and bosses had increased stats. Something like that (Monster level = Number of players x single player level of the monster in that area).

Where i can find these numbers? Should i make a new topic?
I am messing with azakhi GDModdingTool
I dont want a Xmax mod, but just play in single player with difficulty and reward exactly the same if i had others 3 players with me. I don’t think veteran is enough.

Did you have a look here?

Grimmest FG is not up to date, but I have a standalone version of what is in DoM on DoM’s Nexus page.