[MOD] Hairstylist - a barber in town!

Hello again, this mod was first created as part of my MinDawn mod, but i was asked to release it as standalone, so here you go :slight_smile:


Male and Female hairstyles that serve as helmet illusions
5 hairstyles from different npcs in many colors (25 hairstyles total, counting both male/female and color variations)
Option to use default hairstyle as illusion
Bald hairstyle for female
New Female head model to fit new hairstyles (vanilla one clips through)
Increased maximum zoom to check those new juicy hairstyles from closer range.
*male will have two “bald” hairstyles since he has no “default hair”

All Hairstyles are simply “helmets” without stats, once acquired, their illusion is saved on first page of helmets.
you can buy all of them for around 30 iron bits each at Devils Crossing Faction vendor at Friendly Reputation.
Then simply apply the illusion as usually :slight_smile:
It will work with community translations but you wont be able to see the names of haircuts properly, anyway you should still be able to use them normally

As usually, extract, and put the Hairstylist folder into your mod folder
Folder structure example :

Hairstyle illusions wont appear in character selection screen, only ingame, on character screen you will see helmet without the illusion, and this probably is not possible to be fixed without tampering with base game files.

if you find better female head model, or overally some haircut which u would like to be added (it should be possible to use most npc haircuts) let me know name and location of npc and ill try to look into it. :slight_smile:




UPDATE 1.0.1
Hotfixed 4 haircuts that were not displaying at illusionist

UPDATE 1.0.2
added amazing bitmaps(icons) for the haircuts and item tags made by Asylum101, huge thanx for his work i wouldnt be able to create something this fabulous :slight_smile:

Download mod 1.0.2 FG 1.1.2.x (Source included)
mod was made on FG and require FG for all hairs to display correctly, no idea how it will work without FG, should work for version 1.1.2.x, ill try to keep it updated every time new patch hits
feel free to use it in your own mod projects, source is included, credits will be nice ofc :slight_smile:
mod is under development and may/may not recieve frequent updates, please report any bugs u encounter

Attachment: Hairstylist102.zip


Gee that is actually really neat. Love to see anything to do with Character customization. Well Done! :slight_smile:


Hotfixed 4 missing/not displaying hairstyles(v 1.0.1) and added more screenshots to the main thread.

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Uploaded version 1.0.2
Added fabulous icons and item tags made by Asylum101, main post updated

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Thanks a lot for this Mendez42, enjoying it in Grimarillion!

Can anyone confirm this still works? I just got to friendly but the NPC does not have the hairstyles.


There was no change if i am aware that would cause the mod to break, it should be still working fine, and it should actually not ever break unless the vendor is completely changed or removed. seems like something went wrong with the installation of the mod there.

Any new hairlstyles planned? I read that someone extracted hairstyles from the game and added it to their character. It was one style that wasn’t included in yourpack :face_with_monocle:

Hello! Well no additions were planned, but as mentioned before, when i was making the mod, i was trying to include all NPC hairstyles i found in game files, if u managed to find NPC whichs hair isnt included in mod, please point me to the specific NPC :slight_smile:

I’ve installed the Mod on the steam file

But nothing appears in-game .

I’m having the same problem as @Vendura. The mod is in the correct folder and has the right folder structure, but nothing shows up in the game.

Other Mods I’m using:
GD Item Assistant
Item Color Filter

Same problem here.

Perhaps try this instead since the hairstylist is part of this mod.

Not sure it works with, but was updated to

So I realized why I wasn’t seeing it in game, I didn’t realize you had to play the game under the custom game selection. I’m used to mods in games being under the base game. lol. Opps. So it works, it’s just unfortunate that I would have to start over completely to use it. Oh well.

You should be able to copy your character files to custom game.

That does not really work, unless you use a tool to set the mod-flag in the char.

It works if you use local saves and copy the save files to the user folder, but your shared stash will be reset. It’s quite obvious that GD wasn’t made to be modded, since you can only play with one mod at a time. That kinda sucks.

Not seeing the correlation here - one does not equal nor relate to the other. The game is moddable, to the point in which you even have basically the same tools Crate used to make the game. Hence, it is moddable. Using 1 mod at a time has nothing to do with such a thing.

If someone ever writes a tool that can handle mod merging automatically - then cool. Or maybe Crate will pull it off for us one day. A big maybe since as far as I know Rhis might be the only programmer actively working on GD, which kinda limits the kinds of things he’ll be putting his attention to at any given time. The game is still very moddable with or without.

And I would add that Grimarillion is a compilation of 4-5 different mods. So that’s the answer - make a mod compilng the mods you want to use, job done.

No, it doesn’t. As the savefile in the user dir does not have the mod-flag set (since you copied over an unmodded char), your progress is saved to the main char while the user-char is not being updated.
On the other hand the char from the user dir is loaded when you play a mod, essentially ensuring that you make no progress…

You either need to use symbolic links, or set the flag in the save file.

yes, because it too contains mod related information. If you adjust that accordingly, nothing is reset.

it is quite obvious that GD was meant to be modded, or we would not have modding tools or the option to load mods… that you can only use one mod at a time is a precaution to avoid having conflicting mods loaded at the same time.

Games that do not have that precaution leave the responsibility to identify and resolve such issues to the users (rather than the authors of merge-mods) - who generally have no idea how to identify or resolve them in the first place… so I am not sure this is a better approach