[MOD] MinDawn/MinDawn Mythical : QoL Mod, Extra Features, SR Changes, Multiplayer

QoL/Vanilla Enhancement Mod


Hello, this mod was at first created for personal usage, and after few requests from GD community im posting it public with source so anyone can use any of its features. its purpose was to make grim dawn little more opened when it comes to leveling decisions, while not mangling endgame.
In short, mod lets u reach endgame faster, while keeping the game challenging, and even attempts to make certain areas harder, allows for pure Shattered Realm characters,and overally offers few QoL Features. Mod is intended for people that wants to reach endgame faster and experiment with classes, yet still keep the leveling interesting
and / or have some extra challenge in older , in vanilla weaker, zones.
mod includes GDStasher (increased stash size) and few modified scripts from grimmest to uncap lvl on some bosses, big thanx to authors, credits below.
in short


-you dont have that much time for playing and want to level chars to endgame faster, yet dont take away the challenge
-you want more freedom in your leveling / character approach yet want to keep vanilla mechanics
-you want to play pure SR Character
-you want to rush FG Directly
-you want to focus more on building characters and do little less “everyday” grinds
-you want more challenging multiplayer


-Enemy scaling
whole world enemies scale according to player/party level (up to 85 on norm/elite and unlimited for ultimate), keeping the original formula of lvl differences.
only exception to this is SR which scales completely 1-112 on all difficulties, which i may adjust in future.
and making the “hardest” scaling apply to whole world once you are L100 on ultimate .
(meaning that every boss will scale to 111-112 even in starter zones, while the lvl difference will grow slowly as u level, for example on L50 bosses will be at 57-58)
some specials like Nemesis bosses or major story bosses scale up to 115

-Faster Leveling/Reps/Reaching endgame
experience gains are boosted by 50% across all difficulties
another 50% experience buff added to SR
exp potion available since start and grants 150% experience bonus, its cost has been greatly reduced (friendly at DC)
potion to stop leveling for its duration (-101% experience as -100% resulted in slight exp gains)
cheaper mana/hp potions
respecs of devotion and skill points are capped at way cheaper values allowing for cheaper respecs
mandates/certificates for both positive and negative reputations were increased to 150% and 300% for positive ones, and 200% for negative ones.
certificates were moved to friendly reputation

-Multiplayer difficulty change
Enemy health scaling was altered to add at least 100% hp per player in every difficulty, making multiplayer way harder (insights on balancing MP are welcomed, couldnt find proper values for hp yet to deal with aura stacking etc, trying to make MP “hard”)

-Soulbound from augments removed
augments from faction vendors are no longer soulbound and can be traded/transfered to other characters that didnt reached the reputation yet, allowing SR dedicated characters to exist

-Increased Stash Size
https://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=57391 is included, thanx to the author

-Shattered Realm since game start
warden requirement for SR quest has been cut out, allowing lvl 1 characters to rush directly into FG content and SR
!!!WARNING!!! Take DC portal first before rushing into FG on new characters, as if u wont, u wont be able to get back to DC without help of GI teleport or multiplayer portal, or some other external way to return back to DC
Also, to properly get the opening quest for FG zone, character has to be loaded first in SINGLEPLAYER (on each difficulty) to get the quest, or in MP as a host, (joining players wont recieve the quest and may lead to issues) so in order to prevent any issues,i HIGHLY RECOMMEND to unlock SR in singleplayer, at least up to choosing a cult, then u can continue in MP! and again, BACKUP CHARACTERS OFTEN so in case of any issue you can rollback char to previous save !!!WARNING!!!

-Faster Devotion Gains
Shrines award 2 devotion points now, while cap remains unchanged, allowing builds to mold into their final form faster during leveling
SR quests now awards bunch of devotion points (5 and more at certain checkpoints) allowing u to reach full devotions by playing SR only

-Different Lvling/Difficulty approach
Normal, Veteran, Elite are all meant as leveling difficulties, and all caps at lvl 75 (bosses scaling up to 85) on normal, locking mythical 94 legendaries and MIs in ultimate which is meant to be kept as endgame
Elite was buffed in terms of damage, as it was nearly same as for veteran, and was not in my opinion different enough from veteran to serve as leveling difficulty

-Increased Legendary Drop rates
Boss chests, Roguelike chests, SR chests, Boss n Hero orbs have legendary drop rates SLIGHTLY increased for all difficulties, you wont see showers of purples, but it certainly nets you legendary or two extra in your runs, and makes lower level legendaries little more frequent.
(for example ultimate regular boss drops are increased roughly from around 12% to 15%)

-Faction Vendor Changes
All vanilla game faction vendors have new items to sell at their “friendly” and maxed status, list follows :
Attributes reset potion
Devotion reset potion
Exp gain potion
Exp stop potion

DC vendor also sells all “negative” mandates for nemesis reputations at friendly reputation
Several rare crafting materials were added to maxed reputation faction table vendors :
Devils Crossing - Aether Crystal
Rovers - Royal Jelly
Homestead - Manticore Eye
The Black Legion - Cthonic Seal of Binding
Coven of Ugdenbog - Ugdenbloom
Barrowholm - Sanctified Bone
Defenders Of Malmouth - Battered shell / Aether Shard / Aether Cluster
Cult of Bysmiel - Frozen Heart
Cult of Solael - Riftstone
Cult of Dreeg - Mutated Scales

-Little camera adjustment
Camera allowing better look at your character at maximum zoom for screenshot purposes (lol)

Included Hairstylist mod that allows you to use various haircuts for your characters as helmet illusions, more info and standalone version here :
Please notice that in Mindawn version of Hairstylist, haircuts were moved to Homestead faction vendor, instead DC one
(more screenshots/info inside hairstylist thread)

with this mod you can take many different approaches with your characters, your first character SHOULD be played as vanilla character, while you get some more freedom in zone picks/quest order, mod features like vendor additions are mostly aimed on alt characters.
anyway as mentioned in features, all difficulties except ultimate are meant to be leveling difficulties, so when starting new alt character in any difficulty i suggest using merit token since start to unlock bags and portals in normal and elite, and then picking difficulty that fits your needs. your options are :
go normally thru norm/elite/ultimate as always, just using other features of mod, and being able to level in any zone you want, or farm equipment/mis anywhere u want
go elite for bigger challenge
go ultimate directly
go immidiately SR on any difficulty
overally, mod should give you complete freedom on how u level your character, and allowing you to play PURE SHATTERED REALM CHARACTERS, allowing them to be properly augmented, and reach full devotions in SR (only thing you cant get in SR itself are story specific ultimate attributes and skill points.

if you have any idea what should/could be added, or some other open source mod to be merged into this one, let me know, i cant promise that ill use the idea/do the merge, but ill surely consider it :).i am mostly interested in feedback on aggro enchants, and would love to get reports on any bosses/creatures which level doesnt scale properly as rest of the mod. thx in advance

-some minor enemies, mostly from other enemy summons, may spawn on wrong (boss level) if this happens, please report to me the enemy name so it can be hotfixed, also this may be the case for major bosses like loghorrean which may scale up to 115 in normal, but there would be no point in farming him on norm instead ultimate since his chests will be locked to 75


no difference from other mods here.
Unzip the package you downloaded, and place MinDawn Folder into your Mods folder
(Fodler structure should be for example : grimdawn/mods/MinDawn/database/MinDawn.arz)

when updating mod, simply delete the mod folder first (grimdawn/mods/MinDawn) and procceed with fresh installation
(in order to get rid of leftover files from older versions)

-in case you load vanilla character in mod, everything should be in place and work, nothing should break
-in case you load mod character in vanilla, following will occur :
you will loose mandate bonus on that character, as vanilla caps the booster value on lower value than the mandate grants in the mod, you can reuse it in mod later.
you will loose exp stop potions as they dont exist in vanilla (they are free tho so no biggie here).
-stash items from the increased stash WONT be lost, but in order to be looted, they has to be in the “vanilla stash area”, so if u decide to leave the mod, you should make sure you reduce your stash back to original size, if you wont make it 100% precise,it doesnt really matter as u can use “sort” button then to put items to proper positions in vanilla (there just has to be enough space in the slot or the sort wont work).

nothing else should break, let me know if there are any other issues while transfering.

ANYWAY, as with any other MOD, BACKUP your characters always before doing anything with them, and backup them on regular basis while playing the mod, as anything may go wrong for example on game updates etc as with other mods.

simply copy them in your local save folder, from Main folder into User folder, and using GD stash, check “In Mod” checkbox on all of them, and save them. (you can do same with recipes, copy them from initial save folder into MinDawn folder). i wasnt able to succesfully transfer stash / illusions yet from vanilla, if theres anything im missing, any hint is welcomed.
or you can use Symlink method described many times over the forum :slight_smile:

in case you want to move chars back to vanilla, simply return them to original locations, and remove the “In Mod” tag with GDStash again.


Update 1.1.2
Mod updated for FG

Update 1.1.0
Mod Updated with FG patch compatibility
Players should now correctly receive FG starting quest in Multiplayer. (On spawning / on talking with Jailor / on talking with Emissary, any of those should trigger quest)
previous changelogs were wiped as they contained obsolete information


Big thanx to GD modding discord for all the help and answers to my questions.

Download for (FG 1.1.5.x)
mod is under development and may/may not recieve frequent updates, please report any bugs u encounter
Both versions are standalone and are save compatible between each other
Both versions are using same filenames, in order to keep stash/illusions intact when switching between
When/If you are switching between versions, make sure you dont keep leftover files from other version, remove different version from folder entirely before placing other one

!Please before downloading, read ALL the warnings in the topic, also PLEASE KEEP BACKING UP YOUR CHARACTERS FREQUENTLY, ESPECIALLY ON MOD/GAME UPDATES, to prevent any issues with your characters. this is the last warning!

Mod version 1.1.2b for FG 1.1.5.x
Download from MEGA

Old/Obsolete Versions

Mod version 1.1.2 for FG
Download from MEGA

Mod version 1.1.1 for FG

Mod version 1.0.1 for FG 1.1.3.X

Mod version 1.0.6 for FG 1.1.2.X

Mod version 1.0.6c Plus (Extra Features) for FG 1.1.2.X

Additional Content and Features Mod


This is the version of the mod that is focused on additional content, and has all the features of QoL version, it was formerly known as Plus version, renaming to Mythical was purely for cosmetic reasons :slight_smile:


-Ultimate Renamed
Ultimate was renamed to Mythical in this version, to prevent confusion with original mod

-Shattered Realm Reworked
Shattered Realm has been completely reworked, changing how the progression and rewarding works

  • You now don’t have option to continue after finishing a shard, and always get to cash-out/collect rewards after each and every one shard
  • there is 100 checkpoints in total for now, your highest reached shard is always saved as checkpoint, so is each fifth, if you want to open other shards (for example 27) Merit waystones from Mazaan are what you need :slight_smile:
  • If the timer was beaten, Mazaan will next time offer you to continue from higher shard, allowing progression (YOU NEED TO USE ORDINARY/MYTHICAL WAYSTONE TO OPEN SHARDS HIGHER THEN 1! more info below :slight_smile: )
  • If the timer was not beaten, your only choice will be to repeat same shard next time
    (example here, if you beat shard 16 in time, you will be offered to start at shard 17, on other hand if you fail the timer, you will have only the 16 checkpoint again)
  • Shard scaling and rewards has been adjusted accordingly to the new system, and will require balancing, it should get tougher at start, but still stay doable on higher shards, as the hyperbolic scaling was changed to be more linear.
  • One Waystone for normal/elite and one for Mythical (Ordinary Waystone, Mythical Waystone) you dont need any others
  • Merit waystones to unlock checkpoints for alts and to unlock additional checkpoints below (Again in Ordinary and Mythical version)
  • Mythical difficulty Shattered realm uses new checkpoint system, and will make you progress from 1 again, as it would be impossible to experience new system and scaling while keeping checkpoints from vanilla game (mod wont delete your checkpoitns from vanilla, it simply uses different system on mythical, your checkpoints from other mods/vanilla stays untouched), on normal and elite u retain your checkpoints from other mods / vanilla. There are still Merit tokens for mythical that you can get after progressing Mythical far enough (each 10 shards) , which means that you have to progress from 1 on Mythical with one character only, and you can unlock waypoints for your alts same way as on other difficulties.

-Unlocked Inventor
Inventor is unlocked since the game start with all his services in this version (you still have to do the quest to save her to get her in DC, but you can use new inventor on conclave). Also you should recieve better rewards when dismantling legendaries.

-Shattered Affixes
Shattered Affixes mod by Okami29 is included and modified to fit into new SR system, and enhanced with new additions

Link to original mod and information :
Shattered Affixes

Changes in Shattered Affixes from original mod :

  • Chance to destroy items have been removed for now, chances to get bis affixes modified accordingly
  • You may get Shattering Orbs on any shard, and the chance to get orbs is slowly growing as you progress, there isnt any hardpoint where orb is guaranteed, but higher you go, you may get up to 10 orbs at once in extremely lucky situations on extremely high shards
  • You can also get Shattering Orbs by dismantling legendaries at inventor, with extremely small chance

-Role Enchants
There are available two kinds of Role Enchants, meant for the waist slot, which should enable the RoleStyle gameplay in multiplayer, allowing one player become the tank, support, or damage dealer.

  • Boss aggro / threat / taunt resists were modified to allow this behaviour
  • First tier of enchants can be bought at Devils Crossing Quartermaster, and offers only basic role enabling abilities
  • Second tier of enchants can be crafted at anomalus at Conclave of the three, those are endgame versions providing serious (overpowered?) bonuses for specific roles, these are crafted using Shattering Orbs.

-Mythical DPS Cooldown Enchants (Shoulder Slot)

  • Dps cooldowns for every element / style / role in the game, with 120 second cooldown unaffected by CDR, and 10 second duration, they can be crafter at anomalus using Shattering Orbs, and are meant to be extremely strong / short duration nukes, which should open new options on dealing with SR boss rooms, since aggro cheesing is not that ideal anymore as u need to keep the shards timed.

-Various new NPCs on Mythical

  • Inventor joins Bysmiel’s Cult
    Inventor with fully unlocked services can be found at Conclave of the three

  • Anomalus The Shattered Smith
    Smithy that offers all Shattered Affixes crafts, and new mythical only crafts for Shattering Orbs, he also knows all useful vanilla blackmith enhancements, and can craft random legendaries (same recipes as old world crafters), he can be found in Conclave of the Three

  • Orbulus, Creature Lusting for Power
    Creature from another world that ended here probably by accident, its craving for Shattering Orbs and offers various services for them, like level-uping your alts, granting them devotion points, or lets you use special kind of orbs, Lucky Orbs, which you get randomly in SR or you can craft/trade for Shattering orbs, to summon Loot orbs, which can vary from very bad to extremely good (Color/Name of orb will tell you how lucky you are :slight_smile: )

-New Nemesis
Mod brings new Aetherial Zombie Nemesis - Ettall’Ghul “The Master Reanimator”
How to find him/More information about him:

  • Player has to be on Nemesis rep level with Aetherials for him to have chance to spawn
  • He spawns only once per session, as vanilla Nemesis
  • He does not have spawn points, but instead, he can spawn anywhere where zombies are
  • He has fairly low spawn chance, but his spawn chance increases with each zombie pack encountered, meaning you should encounter him sooner or later
  • His Spawn is NOT guaranteed, meaning that if you extremely-unlucky, he can very rarely not spawn at all, but this should be really rare occasion, he should spawn in 99% of sessions
  • He is Acid/Aether based master summoner which will try to overwhelm u with zombies
  • He should be pretty easy to defeat, he is supposed to be weaker nemesis, its a zombie after all
  • He does not have any new specific MI, but he uses classic Nemesis Trove reward system

Mod isn’t properly balanced reward wise / content wise yet, and the balancing of the mod is main focus now, it will take some time to balance properly.


More information about planned features will appear here soon


!Please before downloading, read ALL the warnings in the topic BACKUP CHARACTERS, and also PLEASE KEEP BACKING UP YOUR CHARACTERS FREQUENTLY, ESPECIALLY ON MOD/GAME UPDATES, to prevent any issues with your characters. this is the last warning!


Mod version 1.1.4 for FG 1.1.5.x
Download from MEGA


Mod version 1.1.3 for FG 1.1.5.x
Download from MEGA

Mod version 1.1.2c for FG 1.1.5.x
Download from MEGA

Mod version 1.1.2b for FG 1.1.5.x
Download from MEGA

Mod version 1.1.2a for FG 1.1.5.x
Download from MEGA

Mod version 1.1.2 for FG
Download from MEGA

Mod version 1.0.1 for FG

Mod version 1.0.0 for FG 1.1.3.X


Crate : For Grim Dawn :slight_smile:
Asylum101 : For help with hairstylist and creating bitmaps and tags
Okami29 : For all the help and Shattering Affixes mod
tt300 : For updated stasher mod


Added Plus version of the mod, that offers extra SR checkpoints, u can switch it with the main version by ur needs its save-compatible with main version, it was added as separate version as it screws mods functionality with community translations, and most likely wont be required in future if crate adds their own checkpoints for SR. (only difference from the main mod is the “conversations.arc” file, so in order to “turn off” SR checkpoint feature and allow community translations to work with plus version,u can simply move “conversations.arc” elsewhere and put it back when u need the extra checkpoints :))

Please for now consider it purely as experimental feature, anything may go wrong there as i wasnt able to test it anyhow else then by “entering” and seeing proper shard number :slight_smile:

Hello. Not sure if I’m installing this correctly and I don’t see install directions in the thread. I downloaded and extracted the files in the MinDawn 1.0 zip (did not install “mindawnplus101” as I thought it was an alternate version of the mod) into the mods folder of my GD directory. The mod shows up in the custom game select screen but after making a new character I am not seeing that it is affecting the game. I’m sure I made a mistake somewhere.

Hello, installation should be same as with any other mod,it should be unzipped (Mindawn should be a folder without version number) and it should contain “database” and “resource” folders.Simply put this folder into your mods folder. Adding install isntructions to main thread to avoid confusion :slight_smile:
Then if you see the MinDawn in custom games and the map level is there, it should be working, you can quick test by going to DC faction vendor and checking first page of his list if new stuff is present

and yes, MindawnPlus is standalone version, which differs only in the conversation file that offers extra SR checkpoints,you can swap the versions by ur needs since plus version isnt compatible with community translations

Ok I realized what I did wrong and it’s not a new mistake for me. I had the mod extracted into the right location, but it was contained in an extra folder, so the path read grim dawn/mods/MinDawn/MinDawn/database & resources. Now it’s working fine. Thank you for your work on this!

Mod updated, it now includes my hairstylist mod :

Main post updated with new info :slight_smile:

Applied quick hotfix (V 1.0.3) since i was sleepy and screwed 4 hairstyles, which were not appearing at illusionist… my apologies, its fixed now.

I transferred my character over from vanilla, however, anything I do within a current game isn’t saved if I exit to the main menu and re enter game. have just installed or transferred my character incorrectly?

Other than that great mod, I dought I’ll be returning to vanilla as long as it stays updated :smiley:

Do not copy paste the folder, you need to make something called a symlink to link the save folder from main into user, then progress will save, but you will still have a new stash and blueprints file created for the custom game.

If you need to, search youtube for Depravities and Grimmest and he explains it.

Hello and thanx for downloading :slight_smile: if you just transfer characters, as i wrote in main post, copying them to user folder isnt enough as they will be saving into main folder still, in case you want to copy them like this, you have to use GDStash afterwards, open your characters in user folder with it, and check “In Mod” checkbox, and save. then u should have completely transfered character into the mod, but then characters wont work in main campaign unless u do the same procces and untick the “In mod” after returning them.

it seems that game determiens where to save character by this one value that GDStash can edit, if “In Mod” is checked, it saves into User folder, if not, it saves into Main folder. :slight_smile:

Also the Symlink method is awesome, since u can then play both vanilla / mods / crucible with same characters, but it comes with a risk that entering wrong mod/game with that character may screw him up completely (shouldnt be the case with my mod but i cant say that for future updates or anything)

I’m loving this mod, it’s great!

Any chance you could include an option or separate download for double mob spawns as well? Not necessarily as crazy as Grimmest can be with it’s million hero mobs but just double on the common/champion mobs?

hello, ill check what i can do about that, maybe something optional like ingame toggle which i believe grimmest has. it will take some time tho since im atm still trying to find and fix bosses / mobs that are not scaling properly and fix those asap (on lvl 100 u should not encounter lvl 106-108 bosses, but everythign should be 111-112 at that point, and there are still few remaining to fix to this scaling)

I wanted to ask the community for ideas and another improvements of the mod, mostly im insterested in following :

which components should be available at faction vendors as unlimited supply?
actual components/rare materials/added items at vendors at maxed rep are :

Devils Crossing : Aether Crystal
Rovers : Royal Jelly
Homestead : Cthonian Seal
Black Legion : Aether Cluster
Coven : Ugdenbloom
Cult of Dreeg : Mutated Scale
Cult of Solael : Battered Shell
Cult of Bysmiel : Frozen Heart

im looking into adding the most “annoying to farm” components to vendors, if there are any others that fits this category, let me know, for example the frozen hearts AND battered shells are not needed both since u can covnert one to other, and some reputations dont have any specific component yet :slight_smile:

also please report mobs and bosses that doesnt fit the world scaling, for example, if u meet lvl 106 boss at lvl 100, his scaling is off as he should be 111-112 (110 for some specific weaker ones), in that case, please report to me the name of the monster :slight_smile:

in next update im probably going to make “act” and “major” bosses lil harder, for example allowing warden n cronley have one extra level, and final game bosses like log / theodin n some specials like kraval may get even more extra love, since i always found those encounters very entertaining, yet… easy, even 112 log feels like its not enough while facing him with “decent” character, it mostly can just face tank the crap out of him, yet even eat his shotgun, aim there on bosses like this isnt to make them retarded hard so u will spent hours on them, but to actually force u to play their mechanics even on optimized builds

Version 1.0.4 uploaded, changelog in the main post

Thank you for the reply, I’ll do the symlink method tonight when I’m home from work. Appreciate it, keep up the good work.

I am not far in with my first character in this mod, lvl 35. The potions of clarity are great at the 150% gain. The crafting material I would suggest putting in that seems painfully rare are manticore eyes. Final thought: I really love this mod. It tweaks the game in just the right way to keep me playing. My only wish is that it one day be combined with Grimarillion. The increased masteries to choose from along with a faster leveling experience would leave me in heaven.

thanx for the reply, manticore eyes are indeed good idea! to the new masteries thing, i will in next days look into available open source masteries around the forums, and may merge some masteries into separate version of the mod, again no promises here as ill have to check how compilcated this would be. i did not included custom masteries yet as they are in most cases unbalanced (weaker) then vanilla ones due to not having proper item support, but if people will want separate version with any kind of mastery thats open source, i guess it can be done. i was considering making custom mastery that would be based around pure spellcasting and bring the feeling of classical casters with bolt type spells etc, but thats only in stages of idea and its realization is in far future, and may not happen at all especially if ill merge some others in.

edit : not sure bout the masteries as im not really sure that they will be available as open-source, if you or anyone have specific links to specific mastery mods that offer source files and allows others to use them in their mods, ill for sure check them and try add them if they will be in good state in terms of balance/completion :slight_smile:

Version 1.0.5 uploaded, main post updated

hi Mendez42

I enjoy this mod, I have a suggestion

About drop rate of Common and MI equipment
The current drop rate feels high,
A lot of unnecessary ones Waste time checking their content

So we greatly reduce their drop rates、
Increase the probability of having an excellent suffix such as double rare as the compensation

If you simply increase the drop rate of good products,
It will be attacked by a corps of excellent equipment

I am Japanese and use machine translation
Thank you for reading hard-to-read sentences

When i make a custom game with this mod and log in with my new character the character just starts running through walls and runs off screen i have no control over it.