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Good to know Asylum. It makes a feature of it, especially when it happens first time and gives you a bit of a surprise. :grinning:

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To add to the people saying they’re crashing:
I used to crash all the time and then I disabled item tooltips in the world and since then haven’t crashed once. It’s probably just the amount of items on the ground. Only time will tell if the crashes are really gone, though.

Don’t know why the GQ loot table seems really weird. I’ve gotten dozens of Acheron’s touch, Soul Quencher, Vanguard of the Legion(non-mythical GQ versions), The Imperator, Greater Shai’tan, Penetrating Spear of Kok’Bi, Star of Elysium… These items just keep dropping

(Making a new post since my last one was 4 hours ago.)
I just want to ask if there are still no plans to support Crucible mode, since the last time it was asked was about a year ago. I assume until something is said otherwise, it won’t happen, but I wanted to make sure and get that in writing! :smiley:

It is technically impossible to support the Crucible, short of creating a separate mod that merges the regular mod and the crucible (not sure Crate would like that, apart from the work required)

Yep, as Mamba said…

I’ve answered this question already many times over the years that we’ve worked on the compilation, the answer is always the same.

I started with 3 different characters and both can’t get the iron door key on Burrwitch Outskirts, it just doesn’t fall

No idea, these items are just cursed I guess.

LoL Mine is always the Penetrating Spear of Kok’Bi ~_~ .

You gotta keep looking, if you don’t find it is pure rng. I found one last night right in front of the door to the depraved sanctuary

Testing an assassin (Warfare/rogue) build with both lethal strike and ruthless assault allocated out of curiosity, when i crit while duel wielding it seems to just randomly pick either to proc. Is this the intended behaviour? (Would’ve been really nice if both procced together on crit but im guessing that’s not possible)

I’m having a problem with my grim dawn characters I transferred to Grimarillion. I copied the characters from “main” to “user” folder. The problem is everytime I go out of game to the main menu, and back into game, the contents of my bags are missing. This started last night after leaving a co-op game and entering single player. My difficulty on the main menu keeps defaulting to “normal” and my quests and portals have also reset to the beginning of the game. Im mostly concerned with my disappearing inventory though. Can anyone help?


Make sure you create a folder called “grimarillion” in the location where your “user” and “main” folders are, and copy all the files on the screenshot into it - like this:

Thanks for the quick response! I will try this when I get home tonight. Just to confirm, these files should be copied from the “USER” folder, correct?

You cannot simply copy your chars over. The save file contains a flag whether the char is vanilla or for a mod (just a flag, not which mod).

The game then saves progress in main for vanilla chars and user for mod-chars. I do not think your progress is actually lost, but that it is saved back to main while the char from user is loaded when you play the mod… thereby not having whatever progress you made in the mod

Either you have to use symbolic links to link the user files to the main files, or you need to use a tool to set the mod-flag for the chars in the user dir

this will also not work, at least for the shared stash. The stash contains the mod it is for (not a flag this time…), so you need to use a tool to set the copy to the correct mod

they should not exist in the user dir, but one dir up from there, i.e. the save dir itself

You mean it won’t work only for the stash, because everything else worked for me. I started with a new stash anyway since the stash itself was different in the mod.

yes, the stash would be empty / reset, so if you started with an empty one, you would not notice

That the mod has an expanded stash should not keep your stashed items from transferring over. Assuming you set the mod in it.

Does GDstash have the tool necessary for changing the flags? If not, what might do the trick? Im not considering symbolic link yet as I’d like to keep the two variations seperate.